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Apply to Participate

***Applications for ASB are live***

ASB Application Link

ASB 2017-2018 applications are due by 11:59 PM on Friday, November 3rd. 
We strongly encourage you to attend! You will get a chance to meet the AB@S trip leaders and hear more about their curriculum and trip itineraries.

Applying to Trips

Applicants can rank up to 3 trips (with 1 being the top choice, and so on). After reading the trip descriptions available online, applicants should click on the links above and complete the application process. The first two questions are intended to help us learn about your interest in AB@S, and the third question is used to help program leaders learn more about your interest in their specific program topic.

AB@S strives to be inclusive of all members of the Stanford student community. Therefore, the program utilizes a system that maximizes participation. After the application deadline, we allow trip leaders to read the applications written by applicants who ranked their particular trip. The applications will only reveal a given applicant's gender identification (if applicant chose to respond), year, major and responses. Based on the responses, the leaders will submit their preferences for applicants whom they feel will contribute meaningfully to and benefit from their course and trip. The Match program then incorporates the applicant and trip leader preferences to determine the maximum 12 participants for each trip in addition to wait-listed applicants. For applicants who were not matched to any trip and/or were put on wait-lists for the trip(s) they ranked, they are more than welcome to become general participants (must have indicated interest in being potentially being general participant on the application form. Not applicable for TGB). General participation means that while they cannot participate on the actual spring break trip, the un-matched applicants can still sign up for any particular trip's 1-unit Winter Quarter course. Each ASB trip's Winter Quarter class enrollment is capped at 14 total trip and general participants. 


In the event that your ranked programs are filled before you are assigned, you will be placed automatically on the waitlist. Waitlisted applicants will be contacted via email if/when a position becomes available.