ThanksGiving Back 2013-2014 - The Human Cost of Food: Migrant Farm Worker Health in the Central Valley

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ThanksGiving Back 2013-2014
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The Human Cost of Food: Migrant Farm Worker Health in the Central Valley
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Salinas, CA
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"The hands that feed us are often invisible hands, hands of people who work in the shadows of a multibillion-dollar industry without enjoying its rewards."

  "The Human Cost of Food"

The Central Valley of California is the world’s agricultural leader, producing more than half of the nation’s fruits and vegetables.  The care and harvest of these crops rely heavily upon the labor of migrant farm workers, many of whom are marginalized economically and socially. The goal  of “The Human Cost of Food: Migrant Farm Worker Health in the Central Valley” is to explore some of the most pressing issues affecting migrant health in the Central Valley. Students will have the opportunity to engage with medical professionals, NGOs, and advocacy groups who support migrant farm workers in order to understand the many factors influencing migrant health. We will approach this complex topic through multiple lenses and gain insights directly from key players including farm workers and upstream policy makers. 

Our trip will be based in Salinas, California, but the issues we will confront there extend across the Central Valley and much of the United States. Through our preparation on campus as well as our immersive TGB experience, we will examine and evaluate current efforts that address migrant health and consider their limitations and future opportunities. Our hope is that by learning about migrant health as a basic human right, we can promote positive change, however big or small, through our experiences. k

Trip Leaders
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Kellie Schueler

I’m a senior at Stanford in the Human Biology department with an area of concentration is in Public Health & Disease. I’m especially interested in infectious disease, global health, and the health of underserved communities. At Stanford I am a human biology tutor for the CTL, a member of FaceAids, and a member of Pi Beta Phi Fraternity for women. In my free time I love to run, road bike, do crafts, cook, and snuggle my cat. I’m SO excited to lead a Thanksgiving Back Trip this year, and I can’t wait to meet the awesome students who will be on our trip!

Sarah Jacobson

Hi! I'm Sarah, and I'm a senior majoring in Human Biology with a concentration in Global Health and Health Policy. I'm also beginning a co-term in MS&E, but I promise I'm not a sketchy grad student. On campus I'm a freshman RA in Cedro and I'm also on the equestrian team. I love being outside, reading good books, and drinking Philz coffee. Kellie and I could not be more excited to lead this TGB trip! It's going to be awesome!!