Alternative Spring Break 2013-2014 - Health Accessibility

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Alternative Spring Break 2013-2014
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Health Accessibility
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Bay Area, CA
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How can I help make healthcare more accessible?  It’s a question many, including ourselves, have often asked.   It’s the fundamental question we hope to explore with you.   We will focus on the U.S. and more specifically on California and the Bay Area.  The first step in our journey will be to understand the current system.  This will include learning the current organization of health care and examining the current outcomes.  With the appropriate background, we will then be equipped to turn our attention towards change.  Avenues of change we will explore will include policy, direct service, and social entrepreneurship.  We will ask those who are currently making healthcare more accessible, from legislators to free clinics, what the barriers to greater health care accessibility are and how they are overcome.  We hope that you will find as we have that the work of some of these individuals and organization is just amazing.  Our experiences and discussions will inform us of how the future of health care accessibility may look and ways each of us can strive to brighten this future.

Trip Leaders
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Haroon Zaidi

I’m Haroon Zaidi and to be honest that probably doesn’t tell you much, unless you already know.  In which case you are surely already aware how awesome I am and are falling over yourself signing up for this course, in which case no need to read further.  However if you are one of those poor unfortunate souls who do not have the pleasure of knowing me, let’s see if we can get better acquainted.                                                                                                                                            I enjoy chemistry (shock, gasp, yeah I know) and biology.  I’m considering chemical engineering as a major right now.  This summer I apprenticed to a luthier, worked on my cooking skills (maybe I’ll try cooking for you guys sometime), took online classes,  and started trying to teach myself guitar (emphasis on try). <p>My hobbies include jogging (it’s really exciting when you know you can faint any second), photography, reading, and writing.  This year I plan on joining one of the school publications, continuing to volunteer at Barrio Assistance Tutoring, and of course lead this excellent trip among other things. Hope to See You Soon,Haroon Zaidi

Moosa Zaidi

Hi, I’m Moosa and I’m an undeclared sophomore currently considering chemical engineering along with many other subjects.   I’m still exploring what I enjoy most and how I can make the biggest impact.  I’m from Sacramento.  Actually, I was born in Sacramento, lived the first few years of my life in a suburb, then moved to another suburb, and went to high school in a different suburb, but usually I just say I’m from Sacramento.  However, experiencing different regions of the same metropolis as well as working with homeless populations gave me early exposure to wide differences in income.  Participating in an ASB trip last year was one of my best experiences at Stanford, and I’m really excited to lead a trip this year.  In my free time I enjoy eating spicy food, listening to all varieties of rock music, and practicing guitar.