Alternative Spring Break 2013-2014 - The Silicon Classroom: Educational Equity in a Changing Digital World

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Alternative Spring Break 2013-2014
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The Silicon Classroom: Educational Equity in a Changing Digital World
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Bay Area, CA
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Education technology entrepreneurs promise radical improvements in the way we teach and learn, and their products (e.g. Khan Academy videos, GlassLab games, Scratch programming language) are surfacing in schools around the nation. At the same time, voices of concern abound. Could education technology (even when “free”) accentuate the divide between the rich and poor? What should determine whether a new technology is introduced into the classroom and what provisions are necessary?

Our trip delves deep into key issues in education technology from an equity lens. We will discuss the potential of emergent trends such as MOOCs (massive online open courses), gaming to learn, and personalized learning, in addition to examine the history of educational technology and digital divides. During the week, we will engage with top entrepreneurs, critics, and thought leaders and work directly with students and teachers. 

Join us as we explore the meaning of educational equity in this rapidly shifting digital world, in the epicenter of the movement and the heart of Silicon Valley! More information:


Trip Leaders
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Xinyue (Alice) Fang

Hi there! I'm Alice, a senior majoring in Symbolic Systems (w/ concentration in Human-Computer Interaction) and coterming in Learning, Design, and Technology. I'm curious about how people learn, and designing technologies to address needs of people left out. I led the trip last year, and am returning to experience the fun all over again with one of our former trip participants (Emily! She's kinda awesome, guys :D). When not working on ASB, you might find me playing erhu (my newly discovered favorite instrument) or reading a book on a swivelly chair next to my duck collection. Can't wait for this year's adventures! Hope you'll join us!

Jessie Duan

Hi! I’m Jessie, a junior majoring in MCS (Mathematical and Computational Science) and coterming in computer science. I’ve always been interested in education, particularly CS education. My goal is to empower every student to pursue their interests, breaking down internal and external barriers. I’ve section-led for CS106A/B/X, and one Stanford program I’m passionate about is Girls Teaching Girls To Code, which introduces high school girls to CS and inspires them to continue programming. On this trip, I’m excited to explore the currents of digital change (hehe, get it?)!