Alternative Spring Break 2013-2014 - Human Power, the Environment, and Alternative Transportation

Basic Information
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Alternative Spring Break 2013-2014
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Human Power, the Environment, and Alternative Transportation
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Portland, Oregon
Air Travel Trip: 
This trip will travel by air.
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Are you interested in exploring alternative transportation from a technological, policy, and hands-on perspective? Rethinking Transport will lead you from studying urban bicycle-sharing programs and commuter air tramways to testing these out in Portland, Oregon!

Portland is known as a well-planned city with efficient transportation. Although the car is still the primary mode of transport, Portland boasts more alternative forms of transportation than most urban centers in the United States and relies on a sophisticated public transportation system to move its people through key central transit hubs. We will look at the basic technology behind each mode of transportation available to us in Portland and talk to the people who manage, maintain, and use these transportation infrastructures. We will visit several key players in the Portland transportation realm, and offer the class a chance to plan additional visits. We will engage in direct service by volunteering our time to repair bicycles and teach bike repair skills to young school-age commuters. Our hope is to explore how the different ways in which we move in turn have the power to move us. We hope you’re “moved” to apply!

Trip Leaders
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Diniana Piekutowski

Hello! I'm Diniana...I'm a big fan of the eccentric and ecclectic. I love Cycling, the idea of electric Cars, Clear night skies, Classical music, Celine Dion, and living by the motto Carpe Diem. Fresh, uncooked, unpaseteurized food is my jam. I'm an undeclared sophomore right now, but I'm considering Mechanical Engineering. And I hope you have a wonderful day.

Guillermo Gomez

Guillermo Gomez is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Political Science or Public Policy. He is big fan of food, bicycles and a proponent of multidisciplinary approaches to learning and problem-solving. When not asleep or eating, Guillermo likes listening to music, biking, or reading up on the news. He is interested in issues of education, immigration, poverty, energy, and the environment.