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The TGB experience involves the following components:

    • Pre-Trip Workshops: Weekly 2-Hour workshops during Week 6, 7, 8 Fall Quarter
    • Thanksgiving Back Trip: Sunday morning, Nov 20 – Wednesday evening, Nov 23

Review the trip information highlighted below and consider applying to be part of this service and learning opportunity. For additional program information, please visit the FAQ page.

2016 ThanksGiving Back Trips

The "Application Form Questions: Apply" button on the page after clicking on the particular trip you're interested is non-functional at the moment. Please apply to trips using this link, which will re-direct you to the Official TGB Application: Fill out TGB Application. Deadline: Friday, October 14 11:59PM.

California Bay Area
Japanese American identity is complex, diverse, and sometimes difficult to access. Personal narratives include a broad variety of challenges, including racism, gentrification, LGBTQ issues, worker and immigrant rights, mental health, and more. It is important to think about these issues critically...