6 kW Wind Turbine For Your Home

If you are looking into getting a wind turbine for your house, of course you want one that can potentially power your entire home if possible. This is definitely the case with the 6 kW wind turbine.

This is a large device and quite a bit larger than most residential wind devices you have probably looked at. Smaller wind turbine devices, typically in the 1-3 kW range, can easily be mounted on the roof without causing any real damage. However, when you get to a 6 kW sized device this is no longer the case and you have to be careful about where you mount it to get the most energy out of the device.

These are the pieces of information you need to be able to accurately size up your opportunities regarding this large of a wind turbine...

How consistent is your local wind?

The only really bad thing about the wind is that it is difficult to predict when it will blow. At the very best, wind is intermittent and you can't really count on it the power for something critical like your home. Therefore, if you're going to have a chance at consistently supplying anything with wind power you need to be able to charge a set of batteries and have those batteries actually supply the power.

Do you understand the permitting process you will have to go through?

The permitting process with a wind turbine is time-consuming and difficult. That is because of the public perception revolving around the use of renewables in general. While we openly embrace the broader concepts of renewable energy as a society, the individual manifestations of power generation from renewable sources, like wind and solar, take a beating on the permitting side. People like the idea of Green energy but they don't want the devices in their backyard or even in their neighbor's backyard.

Do you have adequate space in which to mount it?

The 6 kW wind turbine is an exceptionally large device and will have to be mounted on a turbine tower. To make this much power and to take maximum advantage of your investment, you need to be looking at mounting the turbine kit you buy high above the street level. If you liked this write-up and you would like to get far more data relating to small wind power kindly stop by our own web-site. This will allow you to generate the most power because the wind is no longer obstructed in its path by the trees and buildings down below.

In the final analysis, the 6 kW wind turbine is a piece of equipment that can conceivably supply a lot more power than you need and, depending on the wind environment. So much so that you might be able to even export some of the power you create back to the grid.

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