Consitution of The Chicano/Latino Graduate Student Association of Stanford University

I. Preamble

Stanford University has expressed a commitment to diversity and to the recruitment of a diverse student body. While we applaud such a commitment, and the creation of such offices as the Minority Affairs Dean and the ongoing support of el Centro, the LGBT center, and the Woman's Center, we, the Chicano/Latino Grad Students Association, feel the need for institutions which specifically support the Chicano/Latino Graduate Students within the School of the Humanities and Sciences and allows the graduate students to address issues pertinent to the community and Stanford as a whole.

This organization will be termed the Chicano/Latino Graduate Student Association (CLGSA) and is a continuation of the organization the Chicano/Latino Graduate Student Association previously registered with the ASSU.

II. Purpose

Because of the nature of admission to departments within Stanford University while the population of Chicano/Latino graduate students is significant, individual Chicano/Latino graduate students, and students of color as a whole, find themselves isolated within their departments. Therefore, CLGSA shall be an organization which draws its membership from different departments and schools in an effort towards community building.

While the primary purpose of the organization will be to serve the needs of Chicano/Latino students and to encourage collaboration and exchange between within this graduate student population at Stanford University, its secondary purpose will be to facilitate programs that address the needs of all Chicano/Latino graduate students at Stanford.

This will be done in collaboration with el Centro, the Minority Affairs Dean, the LGBT center, the Native American Community Center and the Stanford University Women's Center.

III. Governance

1. The CLGSA shall be governed by a duly elected steering committee consisting of at least (i) a Chair or co-Chairs, and (ii) Treasurer and other members as elected. Members may also volunteer to sit on the steering committee and serve on the governance committee of CLGSA

2. In the event that all offices are not elected or no candidate elects to run, the offices above shall remain unfilled and the remaining board members shall fulfill the functions of that office, except that the office of Chair (or co-Chair) and Treasurer must be filled in accordance with ASSU guidelines.

3. In the event that a board member resigns for his or her post, an election will be held to fill that post, until the election, the remaining board members will fulfill the duties of the post vacated.

4. CLGSA steering committee meetings will be open to the general membership. The CLGSA board will publish the date, time, and purpose of such meetings.

5. The CLGSA steering committee has the authority over all general funds, and every year the CLGSA board will plan and publish a list of events designed to meet the needs and to support the community it represents. However, the board shall be responsive to all suggestions submitted in writing (including electronic format) by the membership regarding the use of the general funds and will respond in writing to all such suggestions or requests. If a request is reasonable and funds exist, the board, on behalf of all CLGSA members, will support and publish events planned and coordinated by individual member(s) as long as the individual member(s) shoulder the responsibility of planning and coordinating the event. The board will assist the individual member(s) as much as they can but are not required to plan and coordinate the event if the individual member(s) absent themselves from any aspect of the planning process.

IV. Membership

Membership will be open in accordance with ASSU guidelines and the guidelines of the University. Discrimination will not occur on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability or perceived disability, membership in any other protected group, or political affiliation.

In order to vote, individual members of CLGSA must attend the meeting at which proposals or elections are taking place. Absentee ballots may not be cast.

V. Terms and Definitions

University means Stanford University.

ASSU means Associated Students Stanford University.

CLGSA means the Chicano Latino Graduate Student Association at Stanford

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