Our mission is to serve Chinese life-science postdocs and students by:

  • Promoting career development ​
  • Facilitating scientific interaction and social network ​
  • Improving overall life experiences, on and off campus

  • Naturejobs Career Expo Ambassadors

    "Recognising the benefits of participating at this must attend event, Ambassadors are institutions and societies that endorse and actively promote the Naturejobs Career Expo to scientists in their communities."
    Congratulations to CLIPSS for becoming Ambassadors for the Naturejobs Career Expo. Let's make this event a great success!


    Congratulations to Dr.Qiangjun Zhou!

    All CLIPSS board members would like to sincerely congratulate our Vice President of academic advising Qiangjun Zhou, Ph.D. for his recent publication on the world renowned research journal--NATURE. Dr. Zhou was not only passionate and focused on his research but also enthusiastic with organizing CLIPSS luncheon activities in order to promote collaborations among Chinese scholars at Stanford. CLIPSS will keep passing the baton and fulfill our mission. Congrats to Qiangjun again!