Our mission is to serve Stanford Chinese postdoctoral trainees and students who work in the biomedical and related fields, promoting their scientific and social interactions, career developments and life experiences at Stanford.


Chinese Life-science Postdocs and Students (CLIPSS) is a non-profit organization formed in 2002 by Stanford postdocs and students who worked in biomedical fields. Since its establishment, it has been our mission to assist CLIPSS members in their career development in both academia and industry and to enrich the educational and cultural experiences of our members at Stanford. Currently, CLIPSS provides a number of programs to its members:

1. Monthly career seminars, in which speakers from both academic and industrial backgrounds are engaged with the audience in open and candid conversations. The topics range from grant writing, job interview, seminar presentation, lab organizations to ethics in science, how to have a healthy relationship with advisors and colleagues, how to handle pressure, and how to create and maintain a balanced life.

2. With support from Stanford Postdoc and Student Affairs and Office of Career Development, CLIPSS brings to the attention of its members the many valuable resources and events that Stanford offers for enhancing their career achievements.

3. Connect CLIPSS members with organizations that are outside Stanford, such as Chinese-American Bio/pharmaceutical Society (CABS), US-China Foundation for Internation Exchanges and Consulate General of the People's Republic of China in San Francisco.

4. CLIPSS aims to making the experience of Chinese postdocs at Stanford more valuable and enjoyable. In addition to regular social events (happy hour, beer chatting, etc.), CLIPSS also seeks to improve the lives and experiences of postocs and students by becoming an active participant in campus events and politics, and will seek to communicate with similar organizations on and off campus.

Advisory Board

Liqun Luo, Ph. D., Professor of Biology

Kang Shen, Ph. D., Professor of Biology

Teresa Wang, Ph. D., Professor of Pathology


CLIPSS hereby certifies that it will comply all terms and conditions for use of funds specified in the Constitution, the Association By-laws and Policies.

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