"Fastest Pathway to a U.S. Green Card for Academics"

When: May 10th, 11:30-12:30pm 2018. (Lunch will be provided)

where: Stanford University, Li Ka Shing Center LK130, Stanford, CA 94305.


The Law Offices of Justin G. Fok ( is pleased to present “Fastest Pathway to a U.S. Green Card for Academics”. This dynamic and interactive presentation shall feature practical advice and strategies for academic students, postdocs, and visiting scholars on best practices to acquire your green card quickly and efficiently. The presentation will go over common missteps and how to avoid them; strategies for finding sponsoring employers; tactics to prepare yourself for a self-sponsored case; and much more. Whether you will soon graduate, or have worked for years a post-doc, this presentation will clearly describe your available options and how best to take advantage of them. New for 2018, we will also go over changes we have seen in immigration law after the first full year of the Trump Administration. An interactive Q&A session shall follow the presentation.

"Baidu Recruitment Event"

When: April 23th, 18:20-21:00pm 2018. (food will be provided)

where: Stanford University, Li Ka Shing Center LK101/102, Stanford, CA 94305.



"Zhongshan University Faculty Recruitment Event"

When: April 20th, 18:00-20:00pm 2018. (Dinner will be provided)

where: Stanford University, Alway 112, Palo Alto, CA 94305.



"Recruitment Event of High-level Talents by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine"

When: March 28th, 17:00-19:00pm (Wednesday) 2018. (Dinner will be provided)

where: Stanford University, Alway Building M114, Palo Alto, CA 94305.


Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM) is a prestigious university in China under the direct leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is the exclusive top university of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) listed in the Project 211 for higher education and National Plan of constructing “World-Class Universities and Disciplines” (Double First-Rank). Experts who are committed to TCM life science studies are sincerely welcome to join our team and embark a journey to serve the health cause of humankind. Hope you share our vision to promote the development of TCM, explore and reveal the unique perspective of TCM in understanding human life phenomena.

"Xiamen University Faculty Recruitment Event"

When: Feb 7th, 12:00-13:00pm 2018. (Lunch will be provided)

where: Stanford University, LKSC,LK209, Palo Alto, CA 94305.


The College of the Environment and Ecology (CEE) at Xiamen University (XMU) was founded on March 2011, on the basis of the Institute of Environmental Sciences established in 1982, and former Department of Botany/Zoology established in 1922. Since 2012, Environment Science and Ecology at XMU has been ranked the top 1% world-wide by Essential Science Indicators. The main mission of the college is to train a generation of innovative students and postdoctoral scholars who are devoted citizens for sustainable earth and better human living environment. The college also aims at major scientific research on the coastal watershed wetland ecosystems.

"国家青年千人计划 & 国际青年学者引进项目"

When: Nov 17th, 12:30-14:00pm (Friday) 2017. (Lunch will be provided)

where: Stanford University, Alway Building M114, Palo Alto, CA 94305.




When: Nov 13th, 5:00-1:30pm (Monday) 2017. (Dinner will be provided)

where: Stanford University, Li Ka Shing Center 130, 291 Campus Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94305.


广东省科学院是广东省政府直属的科学研究事业单位,现有中国科学院院士、中国工程院院士5人(含双聘院士2人),国家级创新平台18个、省部级创新平台123个,职工近3200人,博士硕士1000余人,是推进广东科技创新发展的重要科技力量。为深入实施人才强院战略,进一步加大海外引智引才力度,广东省科学院院长廖兵教授, 于2017年11月13日5:00pm-7:30pm在斯坦福大学举办海外招聘及推介会。


When: October 12th, 6:30pm (Thursday) 2017. (Dinner will be provided)

where: Stanford University, Li Ka Shing Center 130, 291 Campus Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94305.




When: October 16th, 6:30pm (Monday) 2017. (Dinner will be provided)

where: Stanford University, Li Ka Shing Center 130, 291 Campus Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94305.


武汉大学校长窦贤康教授将率团赴美,于2017年10月16日在斯坦福举办招聘会。诚邀海外英才出席,与校长面对面交流,共商发展大计。主要招聘对象:1.海外知名高校及科研机构的优秀中青年学者; 2.海外知名高校及科研机构的博士、博士后; 3.青年千人候选人。本次招聘活动由武汉大学校长带队,如您有意参加,请当天携带个人简历出席招聘会。

"CLIPSS annual BBQ"

When: September 17th (Sunday) 2017.

where: Chuck Taylor Grove, Stanford.


亲爱的朋友,身在异国他乡的你还在想念家乡的美食吗?你想结识新的朋友吗?想在繁忙的学习和科研之余放松一下吗?让我们来划一划友谊的小船吧:)快来参加由CLIPSS组织的BBQ派对吧!在这里你不仅可以和老朋友聚聚,还可以结识更多有趣的新朋友。我们还准备了给小朋友玩的蹦蹦床,以及各种好玩的游戏,还有多个Amazon gift card以及精美小奖品等你带回家。我们还会邀请CLIPSS Academic Advisors(斯坦福华人教授Prof Liang Feng),为大家在斯坦福的学业职业提供建议。

"Luncheon: Leveraging molecular and clinical data to transform drug discovery in the era of precision medicine"

When: August 17th (Thursday) 2017.

where: The address will send to the first 20 registrations. .


We are honored to invite UCSF Assistant Professor Dr. Bin Chen ( a Stanford Alumni), to share his experience and research in individualized cancer therapy utilizing Big Data and Precision Medicine. Exploring systematic approaches to find drugs for diseases through various molecular features is critically important in the discovery of new therapeutics. Dr. Chen has proposed a systems-approach to identifying drugs that reverse the molecular state of a disease and using this method, his lab has identified drug candidates for hepatocellular carcinoma and Ewing's sarcoma. Their recent pan-cancer analysis indicates that the ability to reverse cancer gene expression correlates to drug efficacy. He will talk about his lab research in individualized cancer therapy and also will share his experience in career development.

"Luncheon: A Brief Intro to Bioinformatics and Genomics"

When: July 28th (Friday) 2017.

where: The address will send to the first 20 registrations. .


CLIPSS monthly luncheon has invited Dr. Jin Xu,a postdoctoral fellow in Howard Chang’s lab at Stanford University, to give us a ‘A brief introduction to bioinformatics and genomics’. Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary field that develops methods and software tools for understanding biological data. With the development of next generation sequencing technologies, the biomedical research community enters the post-genome (functional genome) era. Not only researchers in the genomics field, but also all biologists face the challenge of interpreting their experimental data. In this seminar, Dr. Xu will briefly introduce the history and devolvement of bioinformatics and genomics. Then she will overview and discuss basic NGS sequencing and analysis methods. She will also talk about the basic hands on skills and resources for people who want start their journey of bioinformatics.

"Luncheon: The Beauty and the Beast in Blood Testing"

When: June 8th (Thursday) 2017.

where: The address will send to the first 20 registrations. .


Dr. Wenying Pan is currently a research scientist at Grail – a biotech company devoted to the development of early detection of cancer using liquid biopsy. In this talk, she will share her experience working with cell-free nucleic acids: from the use of cell-free RNA in blood for prenatal diagnosis to the use of cell-free DNA in CSF for brain cancer detection. She will provide an industry perspective on the booming field of noninvasive prenatal testing and liquid biopsy: from the milestones in history to the main players in the market. She will also discuss the challenges and promises in early detection of cancer.


When: May 27th (Saturday) 2017.

where: 830 Sunset Rd, Brentwood, CA 94513. Carpool from 斯坦福校园Li Ka Shing旁边小停车场 at 9:00am.


春天的花儿开过去,夏天的果子刚刚长熟。童鞋们在紧张繁忙的工作学习之余,是不是应该在闲暇之余也品尝一下湾区农场里肥美多汁的新鲜果子呢?好消息,好消息!美味樱桃的采摘时节已经到了。CLIPSS将会组织大家前往湾区樱桃采摘圣地-Brentwood地区Nunn Better Farms农场采摘肥美多汁的各种樱桃品种。Nunn Better Farms是已经开了10年的樱桃果园,也是人气很高的一家农场。顾客好评度非常高,樱桃的质量高,个头饱满多汁。


When: May 25th (Thursday) 2017, 1:00pm-4:00pm.

where: CCSR Building 4205, Stanford. 269 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA 94305


2017年海外招聘岗位包括:分子影像、纳米医学、医学图像处理、肿瘤、心脑血管、医学统计等相关领域。如果你属于以下人员1)中组部“千人计划” 2)中组部“青年千人计划”3)中山大学“百人计划”4)专职科研人员5)博士后,请千万不要错过这次千载难逢的好机会。

"Fastest Pathway to a U.S. Green Card for Academics"

When: Apr 20th (Thursday) 2017, 11:00pm-12:30pm.

where: LK120, Stanford.


The Law Offices of Justin G. Fok( is pleased to present “Fastest Pathway to a U.S. Green Card for Academics”. This dynamic and interactive presentation shall feature practical advice and strategies for academic students, postdocs, and visiting scholars on best practices to acquire your green card quickly and efficiently. The presentation will go over common missteps and how to avoid them; strategies for finding sponsoring employers; tactics to prepare yourself for a self-sponsored case; and much more. New for 2017, they will also go over what may be on the horizon from the Trump Administration.

"Clinical imaging informatics in the era of precision medicine"

When: Mar 23nd (Thursday) 2017, 12:00pm-1:00pm.

where: Will send out to the first 20 registrations.


Clinical imaging informatics incorporates a broad spectrum of disciplines including image acquisition, clinical imaging understanding, computational feature analysis, and machine learning. In this seminar, we will highlight two forefronts of clinical imaging informatics in the context of cancer research: (1) Radiomics is an emerging field that describes a broad set of computational models to extract vast quantities of image features from clinical imaging arrays. (2) Imaging and genomics, also known as radiogenomics, is defined as a cross-discriplinary study to find imaging-to-genomic associations. Inherent within this definition is a goal to enable non-invasive imaging assessment of underlying genomic characteristics in cancer. We have invited Dr. Mu Zhou, a current postdoctoral fellow at Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research, to lead the discussion.

"Tax Return Seminar"

When: Mar 10th (Friday) 2017, 5:30pm-7:00pm.

where: LKSC 130, 291 Campus Drive, Palo Alto, CA 94305.


又到了一年一度的报税季,小伙伴们是否和我一样依然对今年的Tax Return存在很多疑问呢?如果你有任何疑问想得到专业并且准确的解答,那么3月10日我们不见不散!这里有最权威的会计师为你答疑解惑,这里有和你一样对报税存在疑惑的小伙伴分享经验!名额有限,报名从速! 适用人群: F-1, J-1, H1-B, Greencard Holder...etc

"From Lab to Market: Transforming Research Breakthroughs into Economic Growth"

When: Mar 2nd (Thursday) 2017, 11:30pm-1:30pm.

where: TBA, please refer to the confirmation email.


BICI USA and Stanford Professor Zhenan Bao will have a discussion forum centering on issues around "Technology Transfer" and "R&D Commercialization". Xinjian Zhou, the head of BICI will introduce their new funding program for accelerating lab-to-market process. Professor Zhenan Zhou will use her experience to talk about what problems need to be aware of when moving lab to the marketplace.

"Luncheon:Technologies for neural modulation "

When: Feb 23th (Thur) 2017, 11:30pm-12:30pm.

where: 地址将在报名结束后通知注册成功者.


Stimulation of specific types of neurons in deep brain structures has proven to be very important for both understanding and treating psychiatric or neurological diseases. One technology that is currently being explored to achieve deep brain stimulation is optogenetics, the use of genetically engineered light-sensitive ion channels to enable optical control of cell-specific neuron activity with millisecond temporal resolution. However, there are two major drawbacks of optogenetics: the safety concern for viral transduction of light-sensitive proteins and limited penetration of visible light in the brain. Other neural modulation methods, in particular with the applications of nanoparticles, will be discussed during the luncheon event.

"Luncheon: 教你用LinkedIn在美国找工作"

When: Jan 24th (Tue) 2017, 12:00pm-1:20pm.

where: 地址将在报名结束后通知注册成功者.


你打算在未来几个月内申请行业工作吗? 你的工作搜索策略是什么呢? 如可跨出第一步呢?大家听到最多就是Network,Network,Network,你知道有超过70%人是通过人脉找到第一份工作的? Linkedin 已成为职业社交利器, 如何利用它拓展人脉,寻找下一份工作呢?CLIPSS 请来了经验丰富专家为你做详细指导。 维伊拥有第一手职业道路规划,如何将专业背景与性格优势更好的结合经验。相信这次演讲会给大家带来新的启发。


When: October 26th (Wed) 2016, 11:15am-12:15pm.

where: MSOB 三楼 X303.


作为世界顶尖大学的学生学者博士后,你是否拥有一个做科研教育的梦想? 科研经费是任何一个实验室的生存之本, 申请奖学金和经费不仅仅会在学术上助你一臂之力,写作经验更会为你将来的科研,工业界事业铺路.怎么样成功申请到各大专业学会的fellowship?斯坦福大学医学院内部提供哪些科研经费, Travel award, Seed grant? 奖学金申请到底有多难? 申请需要哪些条件?NIH K99, AHA SDG 热门人选: Dr. Chia Yu Alex Chang, 斯坦福大学微生物和免疫学系博士后, 美国心脏学会(AHA) Fellow , 加拿大健康研究所(CIHR)Fellow. 他成功获取10+种斯坦福校内外经费,包括Dean’s Postdoctoral Fellowship,SPARK seed Grant. Dr. Sang Ging Ong,斯坦福大学干细胞中心博士后,美国心脏学会(AHA) Fellow,成功获取NIH K99和AHA SDG等多项独立基金. 他们将为大家分享生命科学类奖学金的经验和技巧,大家一定不要错过与这次主讲人面对面交流机会,为你接下来的申请助一臂之力!


When: October 1st (Sat) 2016, 2:00 - 4:00 pm

Where: 斯坦福大学李嘉诚中心LK130, 291 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA.


公益活动和中国传统文化宣传——探寻易经文化中的人生智慧《易经》曾被误解为一本算命的书,后来却成为中国哲学思想的总源头,作为中国传统文化代表之一,它是一部充满智慧的宝典。它既陌生又熟悉,既高深莫测又简单易读。这一次,易经文化学者第一次走进美国高校斯坦福,从易经六十四卦的本意出发,深入浅出的阐释,以生动的事例点评和分享对易经中有为人处世、齐家立业等方面的思想,并重点解析易经的智慧对人们在当今社会成就人生的重要意义。 易经文化学者——易龙,著有多部作品,他曾多次应邀为高等院校,企事业单位做演讲,语惊四座;他为听众解疑答惑,免费传授趋吉避凶的最佳方法;他化繁为简、生动幽默的精彩演说和对国学的巧妙运用,不论是对企业管理还是为子女教育都会让人有拨云见日般的感叹,终生受用;他解读的经典深入浅出,6岁的儿童也能听懂,北京大学(中国哲学暨文化研究所所长)李中华教授对他的评价是:介于学术和文学之间,对易经六十四卦的讲解深刻而具有独到见解。

CLIPSS Luncheon: Transition to Industry

When: September 29th (Thur) 2016, 11:00 - 12:00 pm

Where:The address will be sent out to the first 20 registrations .


如果你考虑把进入工业届作为未来的一个发展方向,那么请来加入我们本期CLIPSS(Thursday,Sep 29th 12:00-1:00pm)的luncheon活动: Transition to Industry。本期我们邀请到了Nexcelom Bioscience的Field Application Scientist, 斯坦福前博士后Dr. Wenyi Chen作为主讲嘉宾来和大家分享他的经验。我们也期待大家能在本期活动中认识更多有志进入工业界的伙伴,一起讨论和分享各自的想法。我们会为大家提供午餐, 期待大家参与讨论!

CLIPSS BBQ助你划一划友谊的小船

When: September 17th (Sat) 2016, 11:00 - 2:00 pm

Where: Blackwelder Apartment, 126 Blackwelder Ct, Stanford, CA.


金秋九月是辞旧迎新,增进友谊的季节,刚刚度过思乡的中秋节,是时候划一划友谊的小船了。如果你想认识新朋友,招待老朋友,那就千万不要错过由CLIPSS组织的BBQ派对。我们还会邀请CLIPSS Academic Advisors,为大家在斯坦福的学业职业提供建议。除各色烧烤以外,我们还会为大家提供特色凉皮,肉夹馍等。此外还有大奖等着你!

Luncheon:Green card/EB1 application

When: August 25th (Thur) 2016, 11:30 - 12:30 pm, Lunch will be provided

Where: The address will be sent out to the first 20 registrations.


CLIPSS is delighted to announce the luncheon event at 12 pm, Aug 25th. The topic is about “Green card/EB1 application”. We are glad to invite board members from CLIPSS to introduce background information about EB1, followed by sharing their valuable experiences, and then open discussions. If you are interested in this subject, please come and join us during this one-hour lunch time! (Lunch will be provided). People of all backgrounds are welcome, as long as you are interested in this topic.

Luncheon:Cryo-electron microscopy for studying structural biology 

When: July 28th (Thur) 2016, 12 - 1 pm, Lunch will be provided

Where: The address will be sent out to the first 20 registrations.


CLIPSS is delighted to announce that next featured CLIPSS Luncheon event will take place next Thursday at noon (July 28th) with Free Lunch! The speaker is Dr. Minglei Zhao, currently a postdoctoral scholar with Prof. Axel Brunger and will become a faculty in University of Chicago next spring. Dr. Zhao is a structural biologist with expertise in Crystallography and the cutting edge technique Cryo Electron Microscopy. Dr. Zhao will introduce the latest development of the techniques as well as his experience in faculty job searching in academia. During the Luncheon session, a speaker shares his/her valuable experience (5-10 min), followed by an elevator pitch and questions from each participant (1 min each), and open discussions (30 min).

The PhD students, postdocs and professionals can utilize such platform to communicate scientific topics of interest, inspire new ideas to be tried in ongoing projects, promote potential collaborations through respective expertise and meet up with others and expand social circle. 

Luncheon:What's Next for Artificial Intelligence 

When: June 23th (Thur) 2016, 12 - 1 pm, Lunch will be provided

Where: The address is sent out to the first 20 registrations.


CLIPSS is delighted to announce that next featured CLIPSS Luncheon event will take place next Thursday at noon (Jun 23rd) with Free Lunch!  The speaker is Dr. Zhaohui Wu, a new and young Microsoft engineer with expertise in artificial intelligence and smart searching. Dr. Wu achieved PhD degree from Penn State University this year, and has very strong publications. He also has excellent intern experience such as Microsoft Research lab in the past several years. Dr. Wu will also share his experience and thoughts on how to seek a nice job offer in industry.

Please refer to his website


When: May 13th (Fri) 2016, 6 - 8 pm, Dinner will be provided

Where: Alway M114, 300 Pasteur Dr, Stanford, CA 94305.



CLIPSS/智联卓聘 美国校园招聘联合专场 – 斯坦福大学 

When: May 15th (Sun) 2016, 1 - 6 pm, Lunch will be provided

Where: LKSC 130, 291 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA 94305


简历投递 (请在主题备注【5.15精英汇】

• 有志进入土豪企业,
• 与六大企业老总面对面,
• 对自己的职业发展想提问、有见解,
• 对国内企业管理层职位感兴趣,
• 增强人脉,拓展交际圈,
• 甚至。。。只为一睹万科老总如何展示个人魅力。。。




2016 BioPacific Conference 

When: May 7th (Sat) 2016

Where: San Mateo Marriott, 1770 South Amphlett Blvd., San Mateo, CA 94402


This full-day event is expected to attract over 400 attendees of life science professionals from the great San Francisco Bay Area.

Luncheon: How to find an Assistant Professor position in the U.S. universities

When: Apr 21th (Thur) 2016, 12-1 pm, Lunch will be provided



CLIPSS学术部将于4月21日午餐时间推出CLIPSS Luncheon系列首次特别活动——申请教职经验交流会。


CLIPSS & NuGEN Special Seminar 

Long Non-coding RNAs Associated with in vivo Engraftment Potential of Acute Myeloid Leukemias

Presenter: Dr. Medhanie Mulaw, Universität Ulm - Institute for Experimental Cancer Research

When: Mar 9th (Wed) 2016, 11:30 - 12:30 pm, Lunch will be provided

Where:ALWAY M106, 291 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA 94305


For more info, please see the flyer here

Tax Return Seminar

Christopher Huang CPA, Inc (

When: Mar 3 (Fri) 2016, 12:00 - 1:00 pm

Where:ALWAY M106, 291 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA 94305


Perspective in Single Cell Genomics-by Professor Stephen Quake

When: Feb 5 (Fri) 2016, 10:00 - 11:00 am

Where:ALWAY M106, 291 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA 94305


CLIPSS are delighted to invite Dr. Stephen Quake, the Lee Otterson Professor of Bioengineering and Applied Physics, to share his perspectives on the emerging single-cell genomics. Advances in whole-genome and whole-transcriptome amplification have permitted the sequencing of the minute amounts of DNA and RNA present in a single cell. Single-cell approaches stand poised to revolutionise our capacity to understand the scale of genomic, epigenomic, and transcriptomic diversity that occurs during the lifetime of an individual organism. Single-cell techniques, ranging from flow cytometry and microfluidics to PCR and sequencing, are used to understand the cellular composition of complex tissues, find new microbial species, and perform genome-wide haplotyping. 


When: Jan 30 (Sat), 2016, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Where:Li Ka Shing Center Berg Hall, Stanford University

Registration: 网上注册early bird免费。现场注册20美金.

More Info:


重量级嘉宾:许伯恺导师,斯坦福大学诺奖候选人张首晟教授,Apple前全球运营高级总监Ying Liu 女士!


华中科技大学招聘宣讲会 (Nov.23, 4:00pm)


When: Nov. 23 (Mon), 4:30-6:00pm. Dinner will be provided.

Where:Li Ka Shing Center LK209





Personal Finance Seminar-"How to Maximize Your Dollar" (Nov.13, 12:30pm)


When: Nov. 13 (Fri), 12:30-1:30pm. Lunch will be provided.

Where:Alway M112, 300 Pasteur Dr, Stanford, CA 94305


Are you living comfortably with your salary? Do you want to maximize your dollar? Have you thought about investing your saving but have no clue how and where to start? Every successful aspect of your life requires planning, whether it is planning a weekend, or planning a year long home improvement project. Personal financial planning is no different, and this could be the single most important of all, because it can secure yours and your loved ones futures.

CLIPSS is delighted to announce the personal finance seminar at 12:30pm on Friday Nov 13th. The topic is on how to build a solid financial foundation through proper management and investment. Certified Credit counselor Lisa McCorkell from Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) will be giving a talk on the fundamentals of personal finance. If you are interested in learning more about how to manage your finance or thinking about investing your saving, please come and join us during this one-hour seminar (lunch will be provided, registration required).

Baidu Career Workshop (Oct.29, 4:30pm)


When: Oct. 29 (Thu), 4:30-6:00pm. Dinner will be provided.

Where:Alway M114, 300 Pasteur Dr, Stanford, CA 94305.

Registration: Please send you resume to:

Curious about…what is the largest internet search engine in China? what is Baidu Wallet? largest O2O business platform in China? landing a job in Baidu? Please join us the Baidu career workshop!

The General Manager of Baidu Zhenghua Zhang, Chief Ecosystem Architect Xuetao Lin, GM of Finance Development Baifan Zhu, and Chief Strategy Officer Zhong Wang will give us an in-depth insight about the progress of internet finance and payment system at Baidu.

Baidu, Inc. incorporated on January 18, 2000, is the largest Chinese web services company headquartered at the Baidu Campus in Beijing. Baidu Wallet, a business unit of Baidu Inc., runs a mobile payment app and wealth management service. The Baidu Wallet app connects merchants and users directly with Baidu products, making mobile payments convenient and economic. It supports payments such as money transfers and recharges, and it’s widely used in both online and offline household consumption. It also has a Baidu’s Financial Center, where users can enjoy one-stop services including wealth management and crowd funding that make capital appreciation and personal banking inquiries easily met on the mobile end.

Please click  O2O and Baidu Wallet for more info

Career workshop: You Are Not Your Resume. (Oct.26, 4:30pm)


When: Oct. 26 (Mon), 4:30-5:30pm (45min talk and 15min Q&A), refreshments will be provided.

Where:LKSC 130


Are you seeking a more purposeful and fulfilling life? 
Are you wondering how to achieve the success you want in your career? 
We are delighted to invite Charles M. C. Lee, the Moghadam Family Professor, to share his valuable experience in career development, effective time management, and work-life balance.

Charles M. C. Lee (, the Professor of Mangement and Professor of Accounting at the Graduate School of Business (GSB), Stanford University. He studies investor sentiment, fundamental analysis, and security market regulation. His research has been featured in Wall Street Journal, CNBC, New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg TV, and the Economist. He was the 2015 Presidential Scholar of the American Accounting Association, and recipient of the 2014 Stanford University Asian American Faculty Award for Outstanding Achievements and Service to the University and to the Asian American community.



时间: 12-1pm 提供午餐

地点:The Lorry I. Lokey Stem Cell Research Building (SIM1) Room 1161


Introduction of 2015 “Talent Zone” program and global recruiting event from Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine
Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine is announcing its new “Talent Zone” program this Month to better recruit bio-medical research talents from all over the world. This new recruiting program is very promising and attractive with a much better salary and start fund. Dr. Yujie Tang, who recently left Stanford to join there as a young PI, is asked by the dean of basic medicine faculty Tianle Xu to give a talk about their new “Talent Zone” program when he comes to attend the 9th Sino-US Symposium on Medicine in the 21st Century at Stanford this week.


CLIPSS Luncheon Series

Every Other Thursday from 8/20/2015

Time: 12-1 PM

* * * CLIPSS Luncheon系列活动简介 * * *



时间: 1-4 PM 提供午餐

地点:斯坦福大学李嘉诚中心120, LK120, 291 Campus Drive, Stanford, CA 94305




本次招聘会面向斯坦福及湾区学校的学生和博士后,生命科学类在职或者待业人员,提供药物化学高级研究员生物药物研发负责人, DMPK平台负责人, 创新药项目管理专员等职位,薪酬待遇丰厚25万起,奖金不封顶,具体职位要求见宣讲会海报


简历投递: 简历至邮箱, 10月5日截止。

Postdoc Wellness fair and mixer


Time: 4:30-6:30 PM

Address: Dean's Lawn at Roth Way and Campus Drive, next to the Alway and Clark Center buildings

CLIPSS将现场招新JOIN US ! 届时会有多家医疗保险等公司出席聚会来提供博后保险方面的解答,提供免费的晚餐和小礼品,是了解博士后福利 , 认识新朋友的好机 会 CLIPSS 将会是活动中设立一个展台,我们将进行现场的招新和各种解答 。 在 CLIPSS ,你会遇到和你有着相同经历,陪你一起度过难关,与你共同追逐梦想的志同道合的朋友,还犹豫什么呢, 赶紧加入 CLIPSS 吧 ! 有兴趣加入的同学,也可将自己的简介,为什么要加入 CLIPSS ,想加入 CLIPSS 的哪个部门,发送邮件至 ,我们会及时回复你也热诚欢迎你的加入 。 敬请期待!



Time: 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Address: 126 Blackwelder Ct, Stanford, CA





Time: 5:30-7:00 PM


亲爱的朋友,虽然我们已经来到美国和湾区多年,可是你知道怎么样在美国做个人理财吗? CLIPSS将为你带来理财三部曲讲座的第一部曲:如何在湾区购置房地产 如果你正在准备买房,正因此愁眉不展,那么本次CLIPSS的公益讲座请您千万不要错过。 有关买房:湾区的房地产状况如何?买房在哪里买好?什么时间买好? 买房要注意哪些才能避免一些不必要的弯路?外国人买房会受到哪些限制? 怎样判断房子的状况?哪些房子我们买了之后会后悔?一个房子的状况怎样评估? 买房需要哪些官方手续?在哪里才能买到理想的房子? 有关借贷:买房过程中借贷这一环节必不可少,借不到款就买不到理想的住房。 我们是不是提供20%的自有资本就可以借到?我们要具备哪些条件才能得到贷款? 我们需要准备哪些资料?哪种借贷方式的组合比较合理?哪些方面是与税收相关的? 买房相对于租房有哪些优势?
Maxreal Real Estate & Finance,



Time: 12:00-1:30 PM


斯坦福大学医学院内部提供哪些奖学金? 怎么样才能申请到奖学金?
奖学金申请到底有多难? 奖学金申请需要哪些条件?

Lei Cai,Ph.D.,NIH F32 Awardee;Ruth L. Kirschstein postdoctoral fellow in Department of Materials Science and Engineering; NIH K99热门人选.
Yin Liu, Ph.D., Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Postdoctoral fellowship in Department of Biochemistry.
Ying Yang, Ph.D., Walter V. and Idun Berry postdoctoral research fellow in Department of Human Gene Therapy.
Dick Wu, Ph.D., NIH F32 Awardee, NIH K99 awardee. Department of Bioengineering and Psychiatry

敬请关注及Mark your calendar!
组织者:Chinese Life-science Postdoc and Student at Stanford CLIPSS(check us out:

Explore the Mystery of Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics – Site visit of Lakepharma


The fast growing local biotech company – LakePharma is going to provide a site visit to Stanford research community. It will not only be an excellent opportunity to learn the latest trends in antibody or large molecular therapeutic in industry but also an outstanding opportunity to interact with the Chairman and CEO Dr. Hua Tu. In addition, he will talk about 1) his own experience as the founder of LakePharma and past employment at Amgen 2) transition from a basic scientist to an entrepreneur.

It is open to Stanford undergraduate/graduate student and postdoc (ID required) for free. Because of space limit, we can only allow 20 participants, first come first serve (You will get priority if you could offer car pool and we really appreciate your willingness).

Please register at: Registration form

Find info about Protein Engineering Symposium here hosted by LakePharma.

On May 15th 2015, over thirty Stanford students and postdocs visited Lakepharma at San Carlos. Dr. Taotao Chen, the manager of bioanalytical service core, gave visitor an overall introduction and a brief tour of Lakepharma. Dr. Hua Tu, CEO of Lakepharma, gave a workshop entitled the Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics Technology Trend and job opportunities in industry. Visitors asked many questions such as how to start a new biotech company, the perspective of biotech industry and job applications etc. After the discussion, Lakepharma employees and visitors had a social time to mingle and networking.
About LakePharma:
LakePharma, located in Belmont, is a leading contract research organization (CRO) specializing in antibody and protein engineering, cell line development, and protein analytical services. We are aiming to boost your research at Stanford.
Please contact Tom Chen at to learn more about services at Lakepharma.
Sep 25, 2011

Chinese Life-science Postdocs and Students at Stanford University (CLIPSS) is going to hold a Fall BBQ event on September 25 (Sunday).  The annual CLIPSS BBQ is one of the largest gatherings of Chinese scholars at Stanford. Our attendants were over hundred for the last two years, including faculties, postdocs, students as well as friends around Bay Area. This time, we have also invited Stanford faculties, Chinese consulates from SF and people from UCSF and Berkeley to join our event and celebrate National Day of China together with us. It will be a great opportunity to see familiar faces, make new friends and establish potential collaborations. Come and bring your family and friends!

Time: 9/25/2011, Sunday, 12:00pm ~ 3:00pm

Location: Stanford University I-center patio area,
         Bechtel International Center
         584 Capistrano Way
         Stanford, CA 94305
Bechtel International Center (Click here to see the map)

We are also seeking for volunteers for better serving our BBQ event. So if you want to give us a hand and make more friends, or if you are interested in joining our CLIPSS board team,  please sign up for volunteer as well while you are signing up for the BBQ event. Volunteers do not need to pay for the event.

Fees: Free for new postdocs of year 2011 (please bring your Stanford ID to the event);
     $5 per person with RSVP at;
     $7 per person without RSVP;
     Free for volunteers;
     Free for children.

Aug 11, 2011
Seminar on entrepreneurship “You have an idea for a start-up, now what?” href="">
On its continuous commitment to facilitate industry-relevant mentorship and training of postdocs and students at Stanford, Chinese Life-science Postdocs and Students at Stanford (CLIPSS) is hosting the seminar talk on entrepreneurship “You have an idea for a start-up, now what?” on Aug 11, 2011.

This talk will cover many interesting and crucial topics of entrepreneurship, especially on how to start a start-up company. The topics are as following:
•    What creates value in an exit transaction
•    Obstacles you need to overcome to build a successful business
•    Business Structure of a start-up
•    Operations – building value and execution
•    Business Plan and choosing a funding partner
•    Doing business in China ...

Dean Merritt, Founder and Managing Partner of MERRITT.DICCONSON.MORRIS.
Dean Merritt was also Founder and Managing Partner of Merritt Lam LLC, with overall responsibility for the firms Consulting practice in Finance, Human Resources, and Sales and Marketing activities in the US and China. Dean has in-depth experience as CFO, Corporate Controller, Business Strategist, Management, and Financial Consultant, in a broad range of industries. Dean has managed the financial operations of many venture funded emerging technology companies, directing accounting and financing issues related to growth, cash management, cost containment, strategic planning, budgeting, business plans, fund raising, restructuring of operations, mergers and acquisitions, turnarounds and wind-downs. Several of these companies have had successful exits through M&A or IPO. Dean has a history of success utilizing leadership, management, strategic planning, budgeting, negotiation and financial analysis skills. Additionally, Dean has over 25 years of combined direct sales and practice development experience and has mentored CFO’s in China, Korea, Israel and Italy. Dean holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from San Jose State University.

Michelle Shao, an attorney from The Jin Law Group
Michelle (Xin) Shao, Esq. specializes in corporate finance and general corporate matters. Michelle has extensive experience representing start-up companies in Venture Capital backed transactions. In addition, with her Chinese law background, Michelle assisted many China-based private and public companies with their cross-border transactions. Michelle previously worked in the corporate department of King & Wood, LLP, a prestigious Chinese law firm. Michelle is admitted to practice in the State of New York and California.

When: 5:30pm-7:00pm, Thursday, August 11, 2011
Where: Li Ka Shing Center Room LK101
Light food and drink will be served.

This seminar is open to public, you are welcome to invite your friends and colleagues.

Web registration is required. Registration links:

To get information about CLIPSS’s future activities, please join our email-list:

Jul 27, Seminar on Communicating with Clarity & Confidence
What First Language Chinese Speakers of American English Need to Know

Presented by Rebecca Linquist
Founder of English by the Hour
Time: Wed. July 27, 5-7pm
Location: CCSR 4105
Hosted by CLIPSS (Chinese LIfe science Postdocs and Students at Stanford)
Please register at the link below:

Questions list:
1. What are the most common issues Chinese first language speakers of American English face?
2. What one mistaken assumption do most Chinese first language speakers make about English that keeps them from improving their speech?
3. What is the one area of focus that most Chinese speakers need to work on most to become powerful, respected public speakers? (yet they almost never do).
4. How fast do most people speak (wpm?) What does it mean culturally if you “talk fast”? (In the US? In other countries?)
5. Is telling people to “slow down” good advice?
6. What steps can you take to “unlearn” your old speech habits and acquire new ones?
7. In a webinar, what should you do differently when you speak to maximize the potential of the environment?
8. What’s the biggest misconception non-native speaking executives and professionals have about their speech?
9. What 3 things can all non-native speakers change to improve their speech in as little as 10 minutes?
10. How many vowels are there in English?
11. What are the 3 ways you can stress a word in English?
12. Why can’t people who are difficult to understand learn to speak clearly on their own merely by interacting with native speakers?

Short bio of the speaker:

Rebecca Linquist is an American English Speech Coach who has lived and worked in the Silicon Valley for the last 20 years in corporate and educational environments as a corporate trainer, manager, and speech coach.
Seven years ago, she created a curriculum to enable people from other countries to acquire an American Accent in 2.5 months, a dramatic departure from the mainstream approaches, which typically take 6 months to a year to create a result, and often not a sustainable one. Her approach drew from knowledge of linguistics, speech therapy, and best practices in speech and business, as well as a belief in creating behavioral change as opposed to merely sharing theories and ideas. Her knowledge base centers around how to tap into the potential of non-native speaking professionals and executives to enable greater clarity and confidence in their communication in American English. Rebecca coined the term “American Accent Acquisition,” which has since been adopted by organizations who use the term to describe her services to potential clients. English by the Hour provides services to both corporate and individual clients throughout the US as well as globally via teleconferencing. Rebecca has personally coached thousands of clients with first languages ranging from Chinese to the many diverse Indian languages to Spanish to Korean to Tagalog and many others. She currently coaches primarily executive and professionally accomplished clients in areas related to clear and effective communication in American English, including public speaking and presentation language, clearly setting context and adding coherence and cohesion to speech, as well as the more mainstream pronunciation, word stress, and intonation training. Her methodology is a departure from the norm and focuses on acquiring the mouth movement and breathing patterns of native speakers in addition to the pronunciation patterns to accelerate change.

Recently, Ms. Linquist created materials specifically for the Science & Technology clients she works with in the Silicon Valley, further enabling them to expedite results using language they are likely to encounter on a daily basis. The effectiveness of her programs have been featured on the front page of the San Jose Mercury News in 2007, and on National Public Radio (NPR). For more information about the specifics of the programs, see the course outlines at

Jul 26, Seminar on Paths to Faculty Jobs

Paths to Faculty Jobs: Round Table with Two Fellow Postdocs‏ at Stanford
The Association of Chinese Life-science postdocs and students at Stanford (CLIPSS) will bring to you a career development talk by Dr. Hua Jin and Dr. Xin Liu, who have had remarkable postdoctoral training at Stanford and will move on to their faculty positions this year. Through roundtable conversations Hua and Xin will generously share reflections on their separate paths of faculty job search. If you liked the recent SOMCC seminar on preparing applications for academic jobs, you might be able to acquire more personal and resonating perspectives by chatting with our guest speakers.  The presentation will be in English, free and open to the public.

Brief introduction of our speakers:

Hua Jin is from Max Nachury’s lab in the Department Molecular and Cellular Physiology. Her research illustrated how membrane proteins are trafficked to primary cilia via the intricate operation of a protein complex called BBSome. She is going to join the faculty of University of Illinois at Chicago.

Xin Liu is from Roger Kornberg’s lab in the Department of Structural Biology. He peeled open a long-standing mystery of gene transcription by acquiring and analyzing the a new crystal structure of the polII TFIIB complex. He will join the faculty of University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.

Potential topics to be covered (but not limited to):

   1. How do you know it’s time to start your application?
   2. How can you get support for job search from your current mentor?
   3. How important is K-99/R00?
   4. Understanding the job market and building your application strategy.
   5. Presenting yourself to show a fit with the hiring department.
   6. Differences between a job talk and a chalk talk.
   7. Networking through previous professional experiences.

Time: 12:00 PM, Tuesday, July 26
Location: Always M112

(To locate the room, see

Light lunch will be served.

Registration before July 23 is required. Online registration available at:

Jun 30Seminar on Financial Responsibility

Taking Financial Responsibility: What’s Your Game Plan?
Speaker: Kevin Chen, CLU (New York Life Consultant)
Date:  Jun 30, 2011 (Thursday)
Time: 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Location: CCSR 4105

How’s your financial strategy coming along? The old adage, “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan,” can be especially true when it comes to finances. And, given the current economy, the best time to start taking control of your finances is today. Being financially responsible doesn’t just happen. It’s a conscious decision you make to live within your means. A nationwide survey on the financial state of U. S. households found only 13% of households is currently saving 7% or more of their disposable income although 36% of households expect to save at this level.

It’s Never Too Late to Plan

No matter what stage of life you’re in, you should have a strategy that helps meet your financial needs while creating a path to help you reach long term goals. Whether you’re just starting out or nearing retirement, a strategy is necessary, and the good news is no matter what your age, it’s never too late to star.

Consider the following scenarios:

If you’re single….
If you’re the head of a new household…
If you have young children…
If you’re thinking about retirement…
If you disable…

No matter where you are in life, a financial strategy is a necessity. New York Life has developed a fun and engaging way to talk about the importance of being financially responsible. During this Free Educational Seminar Open to Public, we will take attendees through THE GAME OF LIFE. This funny presentation will highlight: the importance of saving retirement and managing your finances today and for the Future.

Dinner and small gifts will be provided!

Please register at the link below:

Jun 22星 月生物医药股份制公司面谈会

时间:6月22日,5:30PM 开始
地 点:CCSR, Room 4105

斯坦福大学生命科学中国学 生学者联合会(主办方)与斯坦福大学学生学者联合会(协办方)邀请您参加于6月22日举办的星月生物医药股份 制公司座谈会。 本次活动的特邀嘉宾胡俊斌 博士将与大家探讨 通过 与中国民营企业合作创业的 海归新模式。作为星月生物医药股份制公司的总经理和星月计划的总执行人,胡俊斌博士将特别探讨与星月集团合作进行科技创业的机会。

浙 江是中国民营企业最为发达活跃的地区之一。浙江民营经济的发展,促进了民间财富积累的快速增长,带来了充裕的民间资金。最近浙江民营资本中的领头者也开始 从资源投资为主到人才智力投资的转变。非常有战略眼光的星月集团这次与中美生物发展联盟( CABDA) 合作推出的星月计划在人才 智力投资中走在了前列。该计划将实现对高科技项目最高达到10亿人民币的投资。生物技术 和生物医药类的项目是其中的优先选择。这种 全新 模式旨在 由 民营企业自主从海外引进创 新创业人才,并提供各方面的资源支持,帮助海外人才在国内进行创业。

“ 星月计划 ” 主要内容:在 5 年时间内,以上海为研发中 心与浙江作为生产基地,在生物领域投资 5 ~ 10 亿,从北美引进 20 位 海外创新创业人才,依托集团的资金与管理优势,结合领先的科技和人才资源,建成一个高水平的生物研发中心,并形成以此为依托的生物产业化生产基地群。
中 国 • 星月集团是一家集科、工、贸于一体的大型企业集团,总部位于中国五金之都 - 浙江永康。拥有数十家子 (分)公司,资产总值超 50 亿元人民币,中国民营企业500强中曾位列第62 位, 中国纳税百强私营企业中 曾位列 第 19 位(浙江省第3位) 。 主要涉足摩托车及配件,汽 油机,发电机,休闲运动车,电动车,电动(汽油机)工具,门业,地毯及装备制造等传统产业,以及房地产, IT, 金融投资,现代农业装备,再生医学等新兴产业。

面 谈会期间,我们将由胡俊斌博士对本次创业创新人才引进计划进行介绍。之后将为与会者安排提问与自由交流时间。如果你有在生物医药和生物技术方面创新创业的 想法,这将是一个帮你整合国内资源,实现创业梦想的良好时机。如有创业意向与计划,请将简历与商业计划书(如果时间有限,也可准备简略计划书)发至胡俊斌 博士的 。 他将根据项目内容进行筛选并安排单独会谈。所有项目书和简历仅向胡俊斌博士公开并且在未经作者本人授权的情况下不会透漏给第三方。

本 次活动将提供晚餐 ,同时有精美礼品赠送, 数量有限,先到先得。如果 你计划参加本次活动,请在此注册:
时 间:6月22日,5:30PM 开始
地 点:CCSR, Room 4105

May 19, 2011
Seminar: "From Postdoc to Entrepreneur"

Event date: Thursday, May 19, 2011, 5:30-7:00PM
Location: Room 114, Alway building, 300 Pasteur Dr.

In its continued commitment to increase mentorship and industry-relevant training in the postdoctoral program at Stanford, Chinese Life-Science Scholar and Student Association (CLIPSS) is hosting Dr. Hua Tu to share his valuable time and experience with Stanford postdocs. Dr. Tu's talk will focus on

1. Career pathways in biopharma industry
2. Differences in small, medium, and large companies
3. What employers are looking for
4. How to transition from academic, and paths less traveled
5. Entrepreneurship

Dr. Tu got his PHD in Cell and Development Biology at State University of New York at Stony Brook. He was a postdoc fellow Tularik inc. at Bay area from 1998 to 2000. He founded LakePharma, Inc. at 2009 and is the CEO since then. Dr. Tu maintains great academic record with more than 15 publications in major journals.

Moderator:Dr. Jiankui He and Dr. Tao Long

Free event, open to the public.

Registration is required. Online registration available at:

We plan to have 5 students/postdocs accompany the speaker to have dinner together after the talk, please email if you are interested in joining us in the dinner.

April 20, 2011
Seminar: Green card petition

Time: 04/20, 5:30PM
Location: Alway Building, Room M114

The association of Chinese life-scicence postdocs and students at Stanford (CLIPSS) will hold a seminar on green card petition on April 20th.  If you happen to miss the seminar "Visa Alternatives Beyond Stanford:  An Overview of Possibilities" held by postdoc office, or if you still have more questions about your specific immigration status, please join our event next Wednesday.  This event will be presented in English and open to the Stanford community.  Free pizza and water will be provided.

Brief introduction of our speakers:
1) Jean D. Chen, Esq. --- Lead Attorney
Attorney Chen has over ten years? experience helping businesses and individuals with their immigration needs. She is an active member of the State Bar of New York and the American Immigration Lawyers Association.  She routinely publishes articles on current immigration issues in the World Journal and Sing Tao Daily.
2) Justin Fok, Esq.
Attorney Fok earned his Juries Doctorate degree from the University Of San Francisco School Of Law. Mr. Fok has vast experience in NIW and EB-1 based green card petitions. Utilizing a state of the art research-based approach to these petitions, Attorney Fok has been highly successful in procuring green card approvals for these cases with very short USCIS processing times.

Sample topics to be covered:
1. What are the general methods that scholars/postdocs in academia use for their green card petition?
2. J-1 Visa restrictions and change of status
3. How to apply J-1 waiver?
4. How to apply permanent residency using J-1 status?
5. How to maintain status after permanent resident applications were denied?

April 15, 2011

中国教育部留学服务中心将于2011年4月13 日(星期三)~4月23日(星期六)组团来美举办 “留学中国教育展”暨“留美英才招聘会”。2009年,美国政府高调宣布要在四年内将到中国留学的美国 留学生人数增加到10万人,为来华留学的美国市场打开了机遇大门。同时,为满足各省市、各高校、各行业用人机构对留学归国人才的需求,吸引更多留美英才归 国就业、创业,将同期举办“留美英才招聘会”。
此次共有北京大学在内的39家单位参展,其中有人才招聘计划的单位有:北京大学医学部、对外经济贸易大学、华南理工大学、南通大学、上海大学、上海交通大 学、石河子大学、首都经济贸易大学、天津大学、同济大学、西安交通大学、西华大学、中国社会科学院等。




4月15日 09:30 - 16:00 旧金山
San Francisco Marriott Union Square, Union Square Ballroom,480 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94108-3901
4月17日 09:30 - 16:00 洛杉矶
Pacific Palms Hotel & Conference Center, One Industry Hills Parkway, City of Industry, CA 91744

April 6, 2011
Tax Seminar

CLIPSS will hold an education seminar on tax report by Dr. Jianming Wu.

Time: 04/06/2011, 5:15PM-6:15PM
Location: LKSC Room 208

To facilitate the communication between our speaker and audience, it will be helpful if you can let us know what specific question you have, for instance: (1) F-1_OPT_H-1 conversion issues, like FICA (social security and medicare tax) withholding; (2) Substantial Presence Test to separate non-resident and resident for tax purpose, etc.

Please write down the question you want to raise for Dr. Wu through the link below:

April 4, 2011

中 国科学院深圳先进技术研究院招聘会
Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Integration Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

中国科学院深圳先进技术研究院将于4月4日(星期一)晚5:15PM 在 CCSR, Room 4105 举行招聘会。樊建平院长会率三个所的六位所长及一位PI会到场宣讲招聘,届时所有方向合适的候选人(硕士)会给意向offer,(博士)预约正式面试时 间。如果您有意向加盟该院,或者想了解更多的海归就业方面的信息,欢迎您参加4月4日的见面会(提供免费晚餐)。








1)  新一代基因测序技术、基因工程、干细胞组织工程与再生医学研究。

2)  神经机器接口技术、康复工程、神经生物学、神经工程、神经影像、认知与智能控制、生物医药、生物医学信号处理、生物光子学、纳米医学、转化医学、生物传 感。

3)  磁共振成像、PET 和 CT 成像、技术超声 和生物光学成像技术、相关 图像引导放疗技术、图像引导手术关键技术与系统、医疗机器人、其他新型生物医学成像相关的新技术、新材料或关键部件与系统。



需求专业方向:计算机应用、电子工程、信号处理与模式识别、自动化、图像处理、机械制造、机械设计理论、机械动力学、精密仪器、微机电系统、传感与检测技 术、嵌入式系统、仿生学、机器视觉、智能传感、智能控制等机器人领域的相关专业。


以“智慧城市感、知、行”平台系统为目标,以高效能计算与存储技术为支撑,涵盖“感、知、行”三个方 面,具体研究内容及技术包括:无线传感网络、遥感技术、城市大规模场景扫描和从小尺度到大空间的全方位数据采集;实时多维数据库、空间数据测析、海量数据 挖掘和城市多尺度场景建模与可视化等多个领域。

面向中国快速城市化和工业信息化的国家战略需求,基于高性能计算、网络和可视化技术发展数字城市和数字工程等方向的应用基础和核心关键技术,提出建设 “大都市数据”构想,推动从数字生活向数字城市转型过程中相关技术的产业化。

需求专业方向:高性能计算、网格计算、云计算、网络通信、无线传感网络、计算机图形与可视化、计算机视觉、多媒体与图像处理、摄影测量与遥感应用、数据库 与数据挖掘、空间数据分析、智能存储;3DGIS/Web GIS开发、嵌入式软件系统研发 。


以表面化学结构可控有机-无机微纳米材料制备为研究主线,开展其在能源等领域的应用工作,承担了包括国家科技部02重大专项、国家工程实验室、国家自然基 金、中科院院地合作项目、广东省、深圳市等国家、地方项目共15项,与相关龙头企业合作完成4项企业横向项目。通过三年的建设,先进材料实验室完成了基本 的软、硬件建设,并在新型节能建筑材料、工业润滑材料、电子封装材料、锂离子动力电池材料制备与工艺等四个方面建立具有自身特色的学科方向。在薄膜太阳能 电池方向开展CIGS吸收层共蒸发工艺、溅射后硒化工艺、非真空电化学沉积工艺、研制无Cd缓冲层新工艺、薄膜太阳能电池成膜机理等基础研究。探索更加适 合产业化的CIGS薄膜太阳电池生产设备。

需求专业方向:精密机械与精密加工、材料性能分析、微传感器及微执行器件的制造、MEMS,半导体分立器件、集成电路生产设备、电子整机联装关键设备、电 子通用关键设备等。











网站  www.siat.cas.cn上发布,敬请留意相关信息,热诚


2、冯老师; 86-755-86392063,13902319715

Chinese Life-science Postdocs and Students at Stanford University (CLIPSS) is going to hold a summer BBQ on August 29 (Sunday). The annual CLIPSS BBQ is one of the largest gatherings of Chinese scholars at Stanford. Our attendants were around two hundred for the last two years, including faculties, postdocs, students as well as friends around Bay Area. This time, we have invited Stanford faculties, bio-entrepreneurs in industry as well as Chinese consulates from SF to join our event. People from UCSF and Berkeley are also coming. It will be a great opportunity to see familiar faces, make new friends and establish potential collaborations. Come and bring your family and friends!
Time: 8/29/2010, Sunday, 12:00pm ~ 3:00pm
Location: Stanford University I-center patio area (see attached map)
Bechtel International Center
584 Capistrano Way
Stanford, CA 94305
Fees: Free for new postdocs of year 2010 (please bring your ID to the event);
$3 per person with RSVP (you could RSVP at;
$5 per person without RSVP;
Free for children.
Map link: CLIPSS2010summerBBQ.pdf
饶毅: 中国大学:回国做什么?
It is our  great pleasure to announce that, Yi Rao, Dean and Professor of School of Life Sciences, Peking University, Investigator of National Institute of Biological Sciences, is coming to speak at our next CLIPSS seminar. In this seminar, Dr. Rao will talk about his experiences in China as a returning expatriate, his vision for the academic development of China and where we may fit in. The title of his seminar is 中国大学:回国做什么?
Time: July 2nd, Friday, 7:30pm,
Location: Clark Auditorium, Stanford University, 318 Campus Drive, Stanford.

The seminar will be in Chinese.

If you are interested in coming, please help us organize the seminar by RSVP at the below link:

Thank you!

May 11, 2010
In Memory of Yichao Wang
If you're biking for class everyday, you may wonder if a helmet and bike-light is required.
If you ever remember the name of Yichao Wang, you must be aware of "bicycle safety".
If you care about your safety and the people around you, you won't want to miss this workshop!
This time, we invite Stanford Department of Public Safety to give you a short workshop for the knowledge of California bicycle law, some actual cases and discounted helmet/bike-light!
When: May 11th (Tuesday) 6:30pm-7:30pm
Where: GCC 2nd Floor Nairobi Room, 750 Escondido Road, 94305
Chinese Food will be served from 6:15pm
Free for all attendants, RSVP is required to get a small gift from SUDPS:
Public Parking is available at "615 Escondido Road, 94305" after 5pm.
If you have any questions, please email or
Brought to you by:
Stanford University Department of Public Safety (SUDPS) --
Association of Chinese Students and Scholars at Stanford (ACSSS) --
Chinese Life-Science Postdocs and Students at Stanford (CLIPSS) --
Sponsored by:
Chinese Mutual Aid International Network (CMAIN) "Yichao Fund" --

April 22, 2010
Come and join us for a seminar on immigration options for researchers. The seminar is free plus complimentary food. The speaker, David Yang is a licensed attorney in California and member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association. Attorney Yang will talk about the immigrant petitions commonly filed by/for research scientists, i.e. EB1A, EB1B and NIW petitions. He will address the requirements of the various petitions and advise on how to build and prepare supporting evidence.
Title: Immigration Options for Researchers
Time:   5:30 PM, April 22, 2010
Location: Room B100, Beckman Center (279 Campus Dr., Stanford)
Speaker:  David Yang, Esq.
RSVP: Registration page

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