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Graduate Programs

Graduate programs in astronomy and astrophysics and related topics are carried out in the departments of Applied Physics, Electrical Engineering, and Physics. Students should consult the course listings, degree requirements, and research programs of these departments for more detailed information.

Hobby-Eberly Telescope

Stanford is a member of a consortium building the Hobby Eberly telescope, a 10-meter-class telescope to be located at McDonald Observatory in Texas. There will be opportunities for graduate students doing research projects to use this telescope starting in late 1998.

Students planning to conduct research in astronomy and astrophysics are required to take Physics 360 (Physics of Astrophysics) and at least one of the following: 361 (Stellar and Galactic Physics), 362 (Extragalactic Astrophysics and Cosmology) or Applied Physics 363 (Solar Physics). Students lacking background in astrophysics, gravitation, and plasma physics are recommended to take Physics 260 and 262, Introductions to Astrophysics and Gravitation, and Applied Physics 312 on Plasma Physics. Students with special interest in theories of gravitation are recommended to take the Advanced Gravity course 364.

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