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Dave Higaki(BA, U. of Oregon, MA, Menlo College) , Executive Director and Head Assistant Head Tennis Coach. Seen here preparing for life in the fast lane! (BA in Business at Menlo College). In his spare time he likes to play the Wii and race go-Karts! Octavio DeLa Sobera, (Rollins College '98) Head Tennis Coach. Moved to Paraguay and lived there for 12 years. Played on the ATP tour and achieved a world ranking of #368 singles and #316 doubles. Seen here at the tender age of 14 dreaming of one day working at EPATT :)

Kesha Weekes(BA, Stanford Univ. '97), Academic Director & Middle School Group Coordinator. Seen here with her family at her junior high graduation! She spoke that year. Riveting. In her spare time she likes to play basketball...a real sport! :P

Patricia Townsend(Foothhill College), Food and Transportation Coordinator. Seen here stylin' and profilin'! In her spare time she likes to shop 'til she drops! She is also a proud graduate of Carlmont High School. Her daughter graduated from EPATT in 2003.
Christina Erwin(BA, Stanford Univ., '00) , High School Group Coordinator. Seen here at her high school graduation! She hasn't changed a bit! In her spare time she makes spreadsheets and aestethic upgrades! Tina Lee(BS, UCLA '03) , Volunteer Coordinator & K-6th grade Group Coordinator. Seen here demonstrating her princess like demeanor or posing to be the next Miss Asian America or better yet, the new southern california Statue of Liberty! In her spare time she plays on three local club soccer teams (FOR REAL!)
George Wesley Merritt, George Wesley Merritt(Woodside High School '02), Assistant Tennis Coach. Seen here kickin' it when he was in EPATT in middle school! Times were simpler then... Tomeniki Ofa, Assistant Tennis Coach (Pinewood High School '01), Seen here playing tennis at EPATT when he was in the 7th grade. My, how things have changed!
Henry Garcia , Afternoon Tutorial Parent Liasion. Seen here with his son. In his spare time, he runs a rap music syndicate (true story!)


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