Program Description
EPATT is a non-profit youth development organization for K-12th grade students. The program works to create effective partnerships with families, schools, and volunteers to achieve academic and athletic success. Through one-on-one tutoring, free tennis lessons, direct instruction, college counseling, and parent education, the program aims to better prepare students to have productive future!









The program is composed of seven main components:

Tennis for all students as well as a fitness and nutrition component.


Academic skill developement for grades K-8th using a literacy curriculum designed by Caryl Hughan and an online software program called Write to Learn.


One on one tutoring for all grades


College counseling, SAT prep, and a study skills curriculum for 9th-12 graders(Guaranteed 4.0 Learning System).


Life skills instruction for grades 7th-8th through the First Serve network. (See S.C.O.R.E. EPATT's own life skill curriculum)


Parent education, assistance, and advocacy.(See Families for more info.)


Enrichment activities that build a team atomosphere and foster student creativity.