Past Work

Recent Dissertations

“Firm Failure Risk: Analysis of the Property-Liability Insurance Industry”, August 2006. By Lea Deleris.

“Probabilistic Modeling of Insurgency”, June 2007. By Paul Kucik.

“Testing and Certification of Software: A Bayesian Approach to Test Case Dependencies”, June 2007. By James Benjamin

“Corner Cutting in Complex Engineering Systems: A Game-Theoretic and Probabilistic Modeling Approach”, September 2007. By Russ Garber.

“Quantitative Methods for Analyzing Engineering Defect Risks in Novel Projects”, December 2007. By John Chachere.

Analysis of National Strategies for Combating the Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, June 2010. By David Caswell.

“Probabilistic Early Warning Systems for National Security Crises”, December 2012. By David Blum.

Selected Papers with Past Students

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Kucik and M.E. Paté-Cornell: “Counter-insurgency: a risk-based analysis of different strategies” Military Operations Research, Vol. 17. No. 4, December 2012.

Selected Papers by Professor Paté-Cornell

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