The primary people involved in ERRG are Professor M. Elisabeth Paté-Cornell and her Ph.D. students. More information about these individuals, including statements of research interests and publication lists are found at the links below their pictures.

Professor Elisabeth Paté-Cornell
Director, ERRG

                                            Current Doctoral Students:

Witi Sachchamarga  

Witi Sachchamarga

  David Blum
Consulting Faculty:     


Visiting Scholar:    

Stefan Kirsten

Jan B. Pietzsch, Ph.D.


Recent Ph.D. Graduates:

Jimmy Benjamin John Chachere

Paul Kucik

Russ Garber

Russ Garber

Ali Abbas
  Léa Deleris  

Other Associated Students and Faculty

The activities of the group have been enriched by the contributions of a network of students and faculty.

Faculty from MS&E and other departments have provided support and insights, and in some cases, participated in the supervision of doctoral theses. The faculty member who have been involved in projects of the group in the past or are currently involved with the group include Professors Kenneth Arrow, Diane Bailey, Stephen Barley, Peter Glynn, Pamela Hinds, Ronald Howard, Blake Johnson, Thomas Krummel, Hau Lee, Raymond Levitt, James March, Adam Seiver, and Ross Shachter.

Students from other groups or departments participating in ERRG:

Gaël Lemens

Gee Liek Yeo