The Stanford Egyptian Association (SEA) provides a forum for Egyptians and others interested in Egypt to meet and get to know one another. It also assists them in their social, academic, and professional life at and beyond Stanford. The association fosters relations with Egyptians in the community and in industry. The club was created in 1998 and continues to provide a venue through which interested students and members of the community can learn, and exchange ideas and opinions, about Egypt and Egyptian culture.

The SEA also attempts to raise awareness of the Egyptian culture: from its ancient roots to what it is today. By way of seminars, social events and collaboration with other clubs at Stanford, the SEA hopes to communicate the uniqueness of Egyptian culture to the community. In collaborating with other Egyptian associations nation-wide, the SEA hopes to provide its members with an opportunity to build strong ties with other Egyptians across the nation and around the world.

Check out our calendar to find out what the SEA is planning in the near future. Link to our officers page to find out more about us. If you are interested in other Egypt related sites go to our cool links section. Visit our photo album to share our memories.

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