Who we are

Stanford’s Korean Students Association (KSA) is a student organization committed to providing a platform to educate the greater Stanford community and beyond about the Korean culture, issues facing the Korean community, and the Korean and Korean American identity. KSA boasts being one of the most diverse ethnic subgroups at Stanford with a membership consisting of students from various backgrounds and ethnicities.

What we do/Mission Statement

KSA seeks to foster a community among students who identify as Korean or Korean American and/or share an interest in Korean culture and issues. This dedicated group of passionate students holds various events every quarter that aim to build connections among the Stanford community and across different college campuses and raise awareness of the Korean heritage. In the past, KSA has held cultural, political, and social events including Noraebang (Karaoke) Night, a Culture Show, and a panel on North Korea Human Rights.

When we meet

KSA Core meets every week on Mondays at 8pm in the couchroom of the Asian American Activities Center (A3C) located on the second floor of the Old Union Clubhouse. We hold general meetings open to all students on the last Monday of every month at 8pm in the A3C Couchroom.