About Us

Individually Unique

Stanford aKDPhis are not only best friends and sisters, but we're volunteers, scientists, musicians, and leaders on campus.

Our sisters are diverse in their widespread passions throughout campus. From the musical Stanford Taiko to the rhythmic Stanford step team, from showcases at the Cantor Arts Center to piano showcases at Dinkelspiel, from articles and pictures in the Stanford Daily to publications in Nature magazine, our interests are eclectic. KDPhis strive for excellence and that doesn't stop at just the classroom. Whether we're volunteering for team HBV or tutoring chemistry in a freshmen dorm, Stanford aKDPhis are always active on campus.

Our members are also extremely active within the Asian-American community on campus. For the past four years, at least one KDPhi sister has been an AASIB coordinator - a program that immensely helps with freshmen transitioning to student life at Stanford. Many sisters have been officers and members of UCAA, A3C, AASA, PASU, and other Asian-American student organizations.

One of our KDPhis attending her sister's poster presentation for her summer research

...But Together Complete
The aKDPhi chapter at Stanford has won the National GPA Award for Academic Excellence for the past six years. With our 13 years of establishment on campus, aKDPhi also has an extensive and impressive alumnae network. After graduation, sisters have gone on to top schools such as Harvard Law, UCSF Medical School, and Wharton School of Business. Other aKDPhi alumnae have successful careers at top companies such as Google, Genentech, Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley. Our alumnae are always there to help us, whether through providing job networking, guidance, or mentorship.

Proudly displaying our Scholastic Award! Convention 2008.