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Spring 2013 Rush Flyer

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Thank You for Attending Spring 2013 Rush

The sisters of Stanford aKDPhi, Zeta Chapter had so much fun getting to know all of you and we hope you enjoyed our events!

aKDPhi is Stanford's first and the nation's largest Asian-American interest sorority. We welcome women of all grade levels and ethnicities to rush.

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Spring Rush Schedule!

(Sugar) Rush 101
Info Session | Tuesday, April 2 | 6 PM @ A3C Ballroom | KBBQ
Add some spice to your life by feasting on Korean BBQ while getting to know aKDPhi.

Crepes Made with Love
Philanthropy Night | Wednesday, April 3 | 8PM @ Casa Italiana | Crepes
Join us as we make cards for breast cancer patients and enjoy delicious dessert crepes.

A Chocolate and Cheese Kind of Night
Fondue Night | Thursday, April 4 | 8PM @ Nitery 209
Mix and mingle with the sisters of aKDPhi over chocolate and cheese fondue.

Slugs & Snails & Puppy Dogs' Tails
Family Night | Friday, April 5 | 7PM @ Toyon Moose Room | Chinese Food
Come by for food, fun, and family! Meet our brothers from Lambda Phi Epsilon Theta Chapter while munching on delectable dumplings!

Sweet Sisters
Alumnae Potluck | Saturday, April 6 | 11:30AM @ A3C Couchroom
Hear stories from our sister about what aKDPhi means to them and meet our alumnae who will show you how sisterhood truly lasts forever.

Invite Only Events
Sisterhood Picnic and Barbecue | Saturday, April 6 | 5PM @ Lantana Grill
Formal Internview | Sunday, April 7 | 9AM | Location: TBA

Questions? Contact Rush Chair Mica Soriano (msoriano[at]

Rush FAQs

Who can rush aKDPhi and what IS rush, anyway?

We welcome women of all grade levels and ethnicities to rush. Anyone of any descent with an interest in Asian American awareness is encouraged to rush--ethnicity is not a factor when we choose our pledges.

Pledging a sorority is an important decision for both interested participants and the sisters of aKDPhi. Rushing is a non-commital period of time when you can learn more information about aKDPhi and we learn about you. Thus the main goal of rush is getting to know our rushees while acquainting them with what Stanford alpha Kappa Delta Phi does as an organization, what it means to each sister, and what we can do for you. We hope to see rushees attend as many rush events during the week as possible; through these various events, we hope you will have a chance to meet all of us and decide whether Stanford aKDPhi is something you wish to join.

When does Stanford aKDPhi hold rush?

In accordance with school policy, we hold a fall rush for only upperclassmen. Spring rush is open to all Stanford students. Rush usually occurs the first week of the quarter. See our rush flyer for exact dates.

Does rushing mean that I have committed to joining aKDPhi?

Absolutely not. Rush is open to all and there is no commitment. Come meet new people and enjoy the free food!

How is aKDPhi Rush different from mainstream ISC (Inter-Sorority Council) rush?

Although we hold rush during the same period as mainstream ISC rush, we do not require preregistration or a fee to rush. ISC is composed of the mainstream sororities Kappa Kappa Gamma (Kappas), Chi Omega (Chi-O), Pi Beta Phi (PiPhi), Kappa Alpha Theta (Thetas), Delta Delta Delta (TriDelt), and Alpha Epsilon Phi (AEPhi). By holding separate events, our goal is to have a more intimate rush atmosphere that allows greater interaction between you and the sisters of aKDPhi.

Why would I want to join aKDPhi?

aKDPhi means something slightly different to each of us, but as such a multifaceted organization composed of diverse individuals, this should be no surprise. We always strive to remain active in our sisterhood, service, and social events.

With 48 chapters nationwide, alpha Kappa Delta Phi is the largest Asian American interest sorority, providing a network that spans from coast to coast, connected by common goals, experiences, and traditions. We support our sister chapters at their events as they support us. Besides our sisterhood with aKDPhi at other schools, the relationship we have with each other within our chapter is held most dear to our hearts--these are women we will never forget.

As an organization, we value service to the community and beyond, in our support of the Avon Foundation for Women: Breast Cancer Crusade, Take Back the Night, our annual Women's Conference, and other events.

Socially, aKDPhi provides the means to break out of the Stanford bubble through mixers with other sororities and fraternities, parties, and off-campus sorority events. Our annual Spring Formal is always highly anticipated and the annual aKDPhi Convention is hosted by a different chapter in different cities each year and attended by sisters from every single chapter of alpha Kappa Delta Phi.