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Anna Casalme

Class: 2015
Hometown: Chino Hills, California
Major: Human Biology
Nickname: Bon Bon

What She Likes: the arts, ideas, culture, baby animals, food, and good people

What She Does: volunteering, putting on events, conferences, etc. that are aligned with my passions and values, learning

Where She'll Be (after graduation): Medical School

Where She'll Be (10 years later): Medical School (Kidding! At least I better be kidding). Working, married, and ready to begin a new phase in my life

What She Says About KDPhi: One of my favorite quotes is "If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans." My KDPhi experience so far reminds me of this quote because what I expected is not at all what I got. So far, it has been more: self-discovery, friendship, and belonging.