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Catherine Lee

Class: 2016
Hometown: Arcadia, CA
Major: Electrical Engineering
Minor: Linguistics
Nickname: T.O.R.A.

What She Likes: Adventure Time, activism, creative self-expression, opal, caffeine, and sleep

What She Does: struggles constantly, laughs at you, plays with your puppies, and dances with Ballet Folklorico de Stanford

Where She'll Be (after graduation): Hopefully in San Francisco, kicking butt at work

Where She'll Be (10 years later): In a foreign country, kicking butt at work

What She Says About aKDPhi: I've never met so many girls who love eating until their tummies explode. Their personalities all match their bellies: all these girls have so much depth to them, and they're all super strong and determined. Sometimes, they'll even make funny little noises. It's always a fun time :~)