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Christine Kim

Class: 2013
Hometown: Palo Alto, CA
Major: English
Nickname: Athens
Positions Held: VP Service, Alumni Chair, Rush Chair

What She Likes: Piano, Literature, French, Photography, Bunnies, Late night talks, Autumn foliage, Stormy weather, Good company and food, Running, Golf, Exploring cities

What She Does: Goes on food/wine adventures in San Francisco, travels to new places, plays chamber music with friends, procrastinates writing essays, falls asleep after drinking too much coffee, runs long distances just before the sun sets, and gets easily addicted to iphone games like Scramble

Where She'll Be (after graduation): Working at a venture-backed startup in Silicon Valley founded by successful techies who took their previous company public

Where She'll Be (10 years later): Pursuing a dream and helping the world in some way.

What She Says About KDPhi: Sisterhood in every essence; a close-knit group of girls that I hope to grow old with - laughing, sharing, and growing with them over the years.