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Jennifer Nguyen

Class: 2014
Hometown: Cupertino, CA
Major: Anthropology, minor in Spanish
Nickname: Little Miss Naughty

What She Likes: talking to squirrels on campus, attempted cooking/baking, running and getting lost on purpose, field hockey, Thomas Jefferson, intense booty bumpin to hip hop music videos

What She Does: step team, Black Student Union Core, SCOPE (work in the ER), anthropology research on ghosts

Where She'll Be (after graduation): gettin payperrr

Where She'll Be (10 years later): clubbing. In 60 years, I will still be hitting up clubs as a 79 year old.

What She Says About KDPhi: My cray cray girls!! For real everyone here has a kickbutt personality, and it does not feel at all like I'm sucked into a girly flowery unicorn girly sorority wormhole. If I ever need anyone to go to a food convention or hide in people's beds and attempt to sleep with them without them noticing, these cool kids got my back! I have friends now!! Finally!!