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Kelly Ding

Class: 2012
Hometown: Houston, TX
Major: International Relations
Nickname: Nala
Positions Held: where she'll be in 10 years" to "on an island away from the crazy people

What She Likes: Food, making food, candy, good dumplings, running, crunches, big cities, family, friends, reading, traveling, working, movies, window shopping, grocery shopping, extremely good sales (on anything), emergency dance parties

What She Does: aKDPhi, SWIB, Gumball Capital

Where She'll Be (after graduation): At a restaurant with my family celebrating graduation

Where She'll Be (10 years later): Working at a law firm in some big city (I like the fast-paced life). Someday I want to learn judo.

What She Says About KDPhi: It's great. I love it. And I love the girls.