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Si Li

Class: 2012
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Major: Undecided
Nickname: D.o.r.y
Positions Held:

What She Likes: crafts, Ugly Betty, Japanese dramas, gourmet food, avocado, bubble tea, yellow, and pink

What She Does: aKDPhi, Stanford Japanese Exchange Club, Drawing

Where She'll Be (after graduation): teaching English in Japan or some other Asian country

Where She'll Be (10 years later): happily married and trying to pay off a pretty condo in some big city like NY or LA

What She Says About KDPhi: KDPhi has allowed me to connect with a group of incredibly supportive, inspiring, and hardworking girls. We have learned to rely on and trust each other, and I know that these are the girls who will be there when I need them the most!