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Winnie Lin

Class: 2016
Hometown: Taiwan
Major: Mathematics
Nickname: Winnie the Pooh

What She Likes: art, novels, BBC shows, math and pop science, political science, singing on her bike and in the shower, waltzing (not in the shower)

What She Does: all of the above plus plus a lot of daydreaming/spacing out, making loose leaf tea and talking about Taiwanese food

Where She'll Be (after graduation): finishing up her CS coterm, working or doing research in applied math/computer graphics, or maybe something completely random that manages to draw her in during the next few years

Where She'll Be (10 years later): being happy with her job and life, and trying to make the world better one small step at a time!

What She Says About aKDPhi: a warm, supportive community of genuine, talented and diverse women who I am glad to call my sisters :)