The National Theatre Company of  China

The National Theatre Company of China, a 2001 merger of the China Youth Theatre (est. 1949) and the China Experimental Theatre (est. 1956), is widely recognized as the most prestigious contemporary theatre company in China. The Company regularly performs domestic and foreign dramas in translation (Albee, Brecht, Chekhov, Frayn, Ibsen, Miller, Sarte, Shakespeare) throughout China (Beijing, Guangdong, Hong Kong Macau, Shanghai) and abroad (Germany, Japan, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland). The Company is comprised of China's top directors and actors, including the Minister of Culture's Wenhua award-winning directors Dr. Wang Xiaoying, Dr. Zha Mingzhe, Wu Xiaojiang, Tian Qinxin and Meng Jinghui, whom The New York Times credited with the "remarkable resurgence of spoken drama" in China. The National Theatre Company's esteemed actors include Ding Jiali, Feng Xiazhen, Han Tongsheng, Li Xuejian, Ni Dahong, Tang Guoqiang, Xu Lei, Wang Huiyuan, Wang Weiguo,Yang Qing, Zhang Kaili, and Zhang Qiuge. Internationally acclaimed actors include Liu Ye, the Golden Horse Award-winner for Best Film Actor and Zhang Ziyi, best known in the West for her starring role in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.