Liberation Curriculum
Global Liberation Initiative

Our newest project is the Global Liberation Initiative (GLI) that provides curriculum, teaching and learning resources and professional development workshops to assist teachers in reframing the traditional understanding of the ‘Civil Rights Movement’ as the African-American freedom struggle, situated within a larger global struggle for human rights and dignity. GLI explores the connections between the African-American freedom struggle and other global liberation struggles such as the Indian independence and the South African anti-apartheid movements. GLI also explores the international implications of King, his advocacy for global human rights and the reach of his message to international movements of peace and justice. GLI provides resources to encourage students and teachers the world over to consider the global implications of the struggles of their particular communities.

In February 2007, LC partnered with San Francisco’s Museum of the African Diaspora (MoAD) on a teachers’ professional development workshop that explored exhibits and documents on the global linkages between liberation struggles. As part of GLI, we are also working with Chiodo Art Development, Oakland to write historical biographies and design a high school history/social studies curriculum to accompany sculptor Mario Chiodo’s monumental tribute to 25 great humanitarians that inspire and challenge him. The sculpture, entitled “Remember Them: Champions for Humanity” is scheduled to be unveiled in downtown Oakland in 2008 and has the enthusiastic support of the Mayor Elect Ron Dellums and the city of Oakland. We will hold professional development workshops for high school history teachers from nine counties of the Bay Area to introduce the curriculum and biographies.

LC is exploring similar educational partnerships with international institutes, schools, universities and museums interested in the global struggle for liberation, social justice and transformation.


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