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Lise Sedrez
Stanford University

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John Wirth
Stanford University
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Environmental History of Latin America

Mark Carey is a Ph.D. student at the University of California, Davis in Latin American and environmental history. His dissertation research traces the historical relationship between people and glaciers in Peru. Past research interests have focused on indigenous peoples and protected areas in Nicaragua.  He is the new editor for the Andes section.

Darcy Carrizales is the Reference Librarian at the UTSA. She is responsible for the references in the Caribbean section.

Pat Dreger is a grad student (ABD PhD) at University of Akron, Ohio. Her dissertation is on the relationship of the church to the indigenous people of Mexico, especially in Chiapas, over the past few hundred years. The work has an environmental, i.e., land use, element.  She is a volunteer editor for Chiapas95.  She is responsible for the Pre-Columbian and Colonial references of the Mesoamerica section.

Stuart McCook is an assistant professor of history at The College of New Jersey. He specializes in the environmental history of tropical commodity production in Latin America. He is also interested in the history of natural disasters in Latin America. For the moment, Stuart is considering subdivisions and thematic sections to make it easier to consult our bibliography.

Lise Sedrez is a Ph.D candidate at Stanford University, California, and has an M.S. in Environmental Policy Studies from the New Jersey Institute of Technology (1998). She was the data manager for the WWF database on environmental NGOs in Brazil.  Currently, Lise is writing her dissertation on the environmental and political history of the Guanabara bay, in Rio de Janeiro, from 1870-1970. She coordinates this website and particularly the section on Brazil.

Frederic Vallvé got a BA and MA in modern European history from McMaster University, Canada,  and is now doing his PhD in Latin American history with Erick D. Langer and John Tutino, collateral in LA environmental history with John McNeill, at Georgetown University. While in Bolivia, he  was the assistant editor of HISBOL, a publishing house that published social history, ecology and anthropology academic books. He is now editor for the Amazon section.

Mauricio Folchi is a Chilean historian, academic of the Department of Historical Sciences of the University of Chile and associated professor of the Universitat Autňnoma de Barcelona (Spain). His research interests have been focused on: environmental conflicts, raw materials export economies and the mining and metallurgy of copper. At the moment, he is writing a dissertation about of the Environmental History of the Extractive Metallurgy of Copper in Chile during 19th and 20th centuries to complete his studies to obtain the Doctorate in Economic History in the University of Barcelona.