Application Procedures 

Information on our programs is always available; e-mail the Graduate Student Services Officer and identify the program in which you are interested. The University’s Office of Graduate Admissions has extensive information concerning the actual third-party application process and lots of information about applications in general.

Entrance Requirements

To pursue graduate (and therefore advanced) study in Music, applicants are required to have earned a Bachelor’s degree, and it is expected that applicants will have the equivalent of a Bachelor’s in Music. If you have not actually earned a degree in Music, comparison with the Stanford Department of Music’s requirements for the Bachelor’s degree will help you determine whether or not you will need to take courses in music theory, history, etc. on your own.

Please Note: Stanford University Graduate Admissionsí policy states that applicants may only apply to ONE graduate program at a time. This does not mean that you cannot take courses in other fields of interest; just that you are getting your degree in one field.

Application Deadline and Fee

Electronic applications are accessed via the Graduate Admissions website beginning in September of each year for admission in September the following year. Applications must be completed and filed by December 10, 2013. The application filing fee is $125.00.

Checklist of Supplementary Items to the Graduate Application in Music

In addition to the online application, we require the following:

IMPORTANT! Please be sure that your full name appears on each document submitted!