Fellowships & Assistantships 

A limited number of department and University fellowships are granted on the basis of academic record, financial need, and demonstrated musical ability. Financial aid is not available to terminal M.A. students. In order to be considered for financial aid, applicants must apply to — and be accepted into — a doctoral program. Graduate students should not expect that Stanford will cover all of their expenses and should not look to Stanford for all of their support; they are expected to draw from other resources as well, often after the five-year support program has ended.

Fellowships (Year I) provide up to full tuition (11–18 academic units per quarter) plus a stipend of $24,879 (all monetary figures are for Academic Year 2013–2014; they are subject to revision each year).

Teaching Assistants (TAs) and predoctoral Research Assistants (RAs) (Years II through V) receive 8-10 units of tuition allotment and work half-time — as TAs in music theory, history, and general music courses (for a salary of $25,794 per year), and as RAs researching and writing their own dissertations (for a salary of $24,879 per year).

Doctoral students also receive two summers of aid — taken just prior to fall quarters’ qualifying and special area examinations — 8–10 units of tuition and a salary of $6,634 for the 8-week quarter.

In addition, special scholarships (applied for when students have enrolled in classes) are available to offset the cost of applied-music fees.

The full cost of individual health insurance is covered during all five years.