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EARTHSYS 116: Ecology of the Hawaiian Islands (BIO 116) Terrestrial and marine ecology and conservation biology of the Hawaiian Archipelago. Taught in the field in Hawaii as part of quarter-long sequence of courses including Earth Sciences and Anthropology. Topics include ecological succession, plant-soil interactions, conservation biology, biological invasions and ecosystem consequences, and coral reef ecology. Restricted to students accepted into the Earth Systems of Hawaii Program.

The reef fish at Lapakahi

The reef fish at Lapakahi, Hawaii

3 min - Jul 27, 2010 - Uploaded by spalumbi
The ancient Hawaiian village at Lapakahi on the Kohala coast of Hawaii has a dense fish population with high diversity that a ...
Puako Snorkel Tour

Puako Snorkel Tour

6 min - Jul 23, 2010 - Uploaded by spalumbi
A hike along the reef drop off in Puako, Hawaii, with commentary about the reef structure, scenery, corals fish and turtles. Filmed ...
Wai'alea Bay Reef Fish

Wai'alea Bay Reef fish

2 min - Jul 21, 2010 - Uploaded by spalumbi
A montage of reef fish common at snorkeling sites in Wai'alea Bay, Hawaii. Furtive introduced peacock groupers, tangs, surgeon ...
Stanford @ Hapuna

Stanford @ Hapuna

2 min - Jul 19, 2010 - Uploaded by spalumbi
Footage from a snorkel at Hapuna Beach, HI. Filmed by SR Palumbi. ... Hawaii coral underwater ocean stanford university turtle ...

Stanford @ Puako#78

1 min - Jul 20, 2010 - Uploaded by spalumbi
Snorkel survey from Puako Coastal Access #78.Offshore at the drop off with turtles, corals, fish, and the popping sounds of snapping ...

Stanford @ PuakoSouth

1 min - Jul 21, 2010 - Uploaded by spalumbi
At the southern end of Puako Beach Dr., a small park gives access to a wave swept coral reef with the kinds of fish life you might ...
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