Emil Pain


Emil Abramovitch Pain has been the advisor to the Russian Federation President since 1996. He is an ethnopologist trained in history and ethnosociology. He received his education at the State University at Voronezh and was awarded his Ph.D. from the Institute of Ethnography at the USSR Academy of Sciences in 1983.

Dr. Paine’s relevant publications include:

bulletE.A. Payin (coeditor). Refugees and Forced Resettlers in the CIS Countries: The Conception and Organizational Arrangements to Resolve the Problems by Joint Efforts in the Framework of the Commonwealth. (Moscow, Complex-Progress, 1996).
bulletE. A. Payin (coeditor). Cooperation and Conflict in the Former Soviet Union: Implications for Migration. (Santa Monica, RAND Corp., 1996).
bulletE. A. Payin. "Settlement of Ethnic Conflicts in Post-Soviet Society." In Ethnicity and Power in the Contemporary World. (Tokyo – New York – Paris, United Nations University Press, 1996), pps. 69-82.
bulletE. A. Payin. "Separatism and Federalism in Contemporary Russia." In Remaking Russia: Voices from Within. (Armonk, NY and London, England, M.E. Sharpe, 1995), pps. 185-203.
bulletE. A. Payin (coeditor). The New Russian Diaspora: Russian Minorities in the Former Soviet Republics. (Armonk, NY and London, England, M.E. Sharpe, 1994).

The title of his paper at the Stanford Conference will be "Identity, Citizenship, Homeland: Center and Periphery in Russia’s Ethno-Political Space."



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