DC/National Fellowships

Non-Governmental Organizations

  1. The Carter Center (Atlanta, GA)
  2. Global Integrity (Washington, DC)
  3. International Center on Nonviolent Conflict (Washington, DC)
  4. Project on Government Oversight (Washington, DC)
  5. Sunlight Foundation (Washington, DC)
  6. National Endowment for Democracy (Washington DC)
  7. Inter-American Investment Corporation (Washington, DC)
  8. Internews (Washington, DC)

National Government

  1. Millennium Challenge Corporation (Washington, DC)
  2. National Labor Relations Board (Washington, DC)
  3. Office of Congressman Xavier Becerra, D-CA (Washington, DC) – New in 2014


  1. Center for Legislative Archives (Washington, DC)
  2. Library of Congress (Washington, DC)
  3. Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (Washington, DC)

Local Government

  1. New York City Economic Development Corporation (New York City, NY)


  1. Military Division of Tropical Medicine (DC/South America) – New in 2014