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Stipends Application Details

The SIG Stipends Program funds undergraduate students to explore public policy or politics as related to their major through an unpaid internship anywhere in the world. Students find their own internship and apply to SIG Stipends for funding. Students from “non-traditional” majors (such as engineering, philosophy, history, and science), underclassmen, and students on financial aid are especially encouraged to apply!

The SIG Stipends application, resources for finding an internship, and information on how to apply can be found below. Applicants are encouraged to read carefully through all of the material below, as well as the “general information” page under the SIG Stipends tab, prior to submitting an application. Applicants might also be interested in SIG Fellowships (pre-arranged internships in public policy). You can find out more under the “Fellowships” tab. You may apply for both Stipends and Fellowships, but the applications are completely separate.

Application Details

Internships must adhere to the following parameters:

  1. Internships must be unpaid
  2. Internships must be secured prior to application
  3. Internships must be full-time (35 hours a week)
  4. Internships must be at least 9 weeks long. Longer internships may be taken at the applicant’s discretion, but the Stipends are meant to support a 9-week internship
  5. Internships may be located in any country as long as there is not a U.S. State Department travel warning for that country. Check before applying.
  6. Internships must be in one of the following bodies
    • a governmental organization
    • a think-tank
    • a non-profit organization
    • a media organization that relates to public policy or politics
    • a health care, child care, and other medical services that are not related to government, politics, policy development or implementation
  7. Internships must NOT be in political campaigns or partisan organizations
  8. Internships may focus on social service policy but must NOT be any of the following direct social services such as:
    • literacy training, tutoring, counseling, support for students with disabilities and other educational services that are not related to government, politics,  policy development or implementation
    • transportation, public safety, crime prevention, and other community improvement services and projects that are not related to government, politics, policy development or implementation, recreational services that are not related to government, politics, policy development or implementation
  9. Internships must be work directly related to one of the following:
    • government functions
    • current US and international politics
    • research related to politics, public policy, or government, but include the implementation of that research
    • implementation and development of policy
  10. Internships must be a distinct 9 week experience, not tied to any other experience. For example, if you were abroad and hope to work for the same organization over the summer through a SIG Stipend, we can only fund the internship if you secure the internship with a new contract for those 9 weeks. In other words, it cannot formally be a continuation of the contract you had through the study abroad program. This allows us to keep funding separate, which is important in terms of accountability to our donors.

Applicants must meet the following basic criteria:

  1. Undergraduate students who will be returning to Stanford after their internship summer
  2. Have secured a public policy or politics internship as defined above
  3. Demonstrate strong interest in and willingness to work in public policy and politics
  4. Have not had extensive experience in the sector
  5. Demonstrate good understanding of the tasks they would do with the stipend and present at least a general plan for the internship period

The following restrictions apply:

  1. No preference will be given to SIG committee members and directors.
  2. Students who have formerly received a SIG Stipend or Fellowship will not be considered.
  3. If the applicant fails to disclose any information that would have disqualified him/her from the selection process, his/her stipend may be rescinded.
  4. The stipend cannot be used to pay any kind of program fees (fees the intern has to cover to secure his/her position as an intern). 
  5. Students will be held responsible for finding their own housing and covering all living expenses with their Stipends award. Housing needs early attention as Stanford gets out for summer break after other schools.
  6. Given existing funds, we are looking for at least 2 of the 10 Stipends to fund: Environmental policy internships with the California State government, internships overseas, or work at the White House, in Congress, or at a federal agency. Students with these internships may thus have a slight advantage over other applicants with similar qualifications.


Applications are now open for the summer 2014 SIG Stipends. Applications are due by 11:59pm February 15th, 2014 for the first deadline or April 19th, 2014 for the second deadline..

The SIG Stipends application consists of: 1) a series of short answer questions, 2) a detailed budget plan, 3) health insurance documentation, 4) an internship questionnaire 5) a list of courses, if applicable. Note that the application does not request recommendation letters.

Apply Here:

Application for the summer 2014 SIG Stipends Program

Please include all documents in a single .pdf document and submit to

Stipend Details

  1. The stipend allocation is as follows

Base : 4000USD for all recipients

Based on demonstrated need, where relevant, SIG can award flight/housing supplements and financial aid. The maximum stipend will not exceed 7500 USD.

  1. Application Timeline:

Application deadlines: February 15th or April 19th, 2014. Please select one based on when you confirm your internship placement.


Duties of Stipends Fellows

All SIG Stipends recipients must commit to the following:

  1. Attend SIG and Haas Center orientations, and complete all forms and paperwork required by the university
  2. Submit the M.O.U document provided by the Haas Center and completed by the internship placement organization
  3. Complete internship reports, as well as stewardship letter for donors
  4. Participate in at least one Stipends Program outreach session in academic year following the stipend summer, where stipend recipients will speak about their summer experiences
  5. Present a poster about their summer experience at the SIG Fellowships Night fall 2014
  6. All stipend recipients with internships outside of the U.S. are required to participate in an international preparation workshop on April 20
  7. Participate in the post-internship briefing upon returning to campus in the fall of 2014
  8. Fellows with internships in and around DC will do their utmost to arrange their internship so that they can attend the SIG 50th anniversary celebration on June 19 in DC with SIG alumni and public figures

All students will be paired with an alumni mentor and will be expected to find and meet with a faculty mentor.



Applicants searching for an internship in public policy or government are encouraged to make use of the databases and resources here.