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World Wildlife Fund

Summer 2013 Fellow: Adrienne von Schultess

Faculty Mentor: Julie Kennedy

Office Description:

Supervisors are very supportive of work, but still allow for a tremendous deal of freedom and independence.

Projects Fellows Have Worked on in the Past:

  • Project on the sustainable development of citrus production in Belize.
  • Proposal for 3-year education initiative on sustainability.

Desired Personal Qualities:

  • Willingness to work on public outreach campaigns and public-private awareness initiatives
  • Interest in and passion for environmental issues
  • Flexibility – does not enter the program with extremely specific expectations
  • Hard worker and team player

Desired Skills, Experience, and Coursework:

  • Experience working in a professional workplace
  • Ability to perform research thoroughly and efficiently
  • Comfort speaking and presenting work publicly
  • Strong writing and analytical skills
  • Academic background in agriculture, environmental, and/or community development issues
  • Ability to work independently and be a self-starter

Main Fellowship Disciplines:

  • Earth Systems
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Public Policy
  • Economics


All work is done in English.