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Office of State Senator Ted Lieu (D-Torrance)

Summer 2013 Fellow: Amanda McNary

Faculty Mentor:

Select Committee on Air Quality Website:

Potential Projects:

A fellow placed in the Office of Senator Ted Lieu will work on the Select Committee on Air Quality. The focus of the committee’s work is improving air quality, reducing, and mitigating pollution’s impact on the environment and public health.  In that role, the fellow will research air pollution impacts and the role of government regulation as well as any potential legislative remedies.  A fellow will be treated as a full member of the staff, with the normal responsibilities that come with being a staff member.

As a member of the Senator’s office team, the fellow will participate in legislative strategy and briefing meetings.  The Senator is very active in many areas of public policy and the fellow may be given the opportunity to work on other important and vital issues central to California’s environment.

As a member of Senator Lieu’s team, the fellow will be mentored and coached in a supportive environment that emphasizes integrity, duty, and a collective understanding of the trust and importance of serving the public in the California Senate.

Desired Personal Qualities:

  • Smart, self-starter and interested in public service.
  • Professional and poised.
  • Open-minded and passionate about working in a high profile, fast-paced and sometimes stressful environment.
  • A sense of humor and collegial.
  • Possesses a desire to learn and expand skills.

Desired Skills, Experience, and Coursework:

  • Coursework in public policy, environmental studies and/or science
  • Basic understanding of the legislative process and the State Legislature
  • Excellent research, writing and oral communication skills.
  • Proficiency with standard computer applications, including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Adobe Acrobat and PowerPoint.

Main Fellowship Disciplines:

  • Public Policy
  • Environment and Air Quality