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International Labor Organization, Beijing

Summer 2011 Fellow: Flora Wang

Summer 2011 Fellow email:

Faculty Mentor: Patrick Arnold

Faculty Mentor email:

Office Description:

Beijing leads in defining program priorities and activities, monitoring program delivery, and providing support and coordination to its field structure. ILOs are responsible for overseeing labor policy and human trafficking prevention methods, as a means of improving human rights around the world. The organization promotes social justice, labor rights, and labor peace as a means to prosperity. Today, the ILO-Beijing facilitates the advancement of decent jobs and working conditions.

Office Website:

Projects Fellows Have Worked on in the Past:

  • Childrens Forum on Trafficking Prevention: fellow worked on editing educational materials, helping with the communications to media for the Asian Employment Forum, and did some translations and interpretations in order to encourage the prevention and limitation of child trafficking
  • Project to prevent trafficking in girls and young women for labor exploitation within China (CP-TING): fellow helped with media relations, conference organizing, editing and translating documents which were useful for professionals in her department

Desired Personal Qualities:

  • Willingness to work on public outreach campaigns and public-private awareness initiatives
  • Hard worker and team player
  • An ability to work with people of different nationalities and cultural backgrounds
  • Flexibility regarding day to day job assignment

Desired Skills, Experience, and Coursework:

  • Experience working in a professional workplace
  • Knowledge of basic economic concepts
  • Ability to perform research thoroughly and efficiently
  • Comfort speaking and presenting work publicly
  • Familiarity with international labor policy and human rights issues
  • Sound writing and analytical skills
  • Ability to work independently, be very organized, and deliver under time pressure
  • Familiarity with Chinese government structure

Main Fellowship Disciplines:

  • Public Policy
  • International Relations
  • Political Science
  • Communication


All work done in English and Chinese (some Chinese knowledge preferred).