Stanford Institute for Theoretical Economics

Travel Reimbursement Procedures and Forms


By looking through your Letter of Invitation determine the level of support offered by SITE.

Collect all receipts. Make sure that they show "amount paid" not "amount due", also known as "invoice" and "proof of purchase" respectively.

In case you are missing receipts, please fill out and sign the Lost Receipt Memo. Please provide a proof of payment: copy of the cashed check (front and back) or statement for a credit card used to pay for the goods or services claimed.

Even though you may not be claiming reimbursement for airfare, you must provide us with a copy of your air ticket, or a statement explaining how you traveled to Stanford.

If necessary, copy your Green Card or Passport, US Visa and I-94 form.

Mail all documents to SITE.

In order to process your reimbursement, we must have all original receipts both invoice and proof of purchase.

SITE is funded by grants from the National Science Foundation and the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR). SITE receives additional financial support from the Department of Economics at Stanford University, which also houses its offices.