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SOL PhD Dissertations

Stanford Thesis style file from Emma Pease, CSLI: suthesis-2e.sty home page

Example LaTeX driver from Felix Kwok, Nov 2007: felix-thesis-example.tex
To save trees, it uses 10pt, twoside, and \setstretch{1.213}, as permitted by the Registrar.
Update (June 2011): Emma Pease now has \setstretch{1.3} in suthesis-2e.sty, but \setstretch{1.213} still seems enough.

Earlier example LaTeX driver from Michael Friedlander, Dec 2004: mpfthesis-example.tex
Here's what it looks like (19 short pages): mpfthesis-example.pdf
This is where \setstretch{1.213} began.

pdflatex seems the best way to go nowadays. Figures can include pdf, png, or jpg files.
Some earlier help for making readable ps and pdf files is here: readme.txt

Portable PDF files: The following Unix or Linux command makes a PDF file truly portable by embedding all necessary fonts within the file:
      ps2pdf -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress thesis.pdf thesis_font_embed.pdf
A side-benefit is that the file size shrinks! (Thanks to David Fong for finding this command.)

Completed dissertations: