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Mission Statement

To promote awareness and interest in contemporary legal issues and to provide Stanford undergraduates with opportunities to learn more about law school, the admissions process, and various legal professions.

Who We Are and What We Do

The Stanford Pre-Law Society (SPLS) is a student organization dedicated to bringing together Stanford undergraduates who are interested in the law and in pursuing legal careers. We are a community of like-minded students who wish to help members of the student body reach informed decisions about their futures. Every year we host a diverse program of speaker events, information sessions, and workshops. In addition to programming, we work with Undergraduate Advising and Research (UAR) and other campus organizations to build community, understanding, and a common vision.

Stanford Executive Board 2013-2014

SPLS Executive Board officers form the core of the Stanford Pre-Law Society. We meet weekly to coordinate events for SPLS members to attend. If you are interested in joining us, consider applying to be an SPLS board member.

Sunny Huang '14
Nardos Girma '14
Shahrnaz Zarafshar '14
Mary Ann Toman-Miller '14
Lauren Miller '15
Geo Saba '15
Jomayra Herrera '15
Caitlin Peltz '15
Isabella Fu '15
Melissa Messina '16
Veronica Anorve '17
Clemente Camacho '17