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Pamela J. Hinds
Associate Professor
Co-Director, Center for Work, Technology & Organization


Pamela J. Hinds is an Associate Professor with the Center on Work, Technology, & Organization in the Department of Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University. She studies the effect of technology on groups. Pamela has conducted extensive research on the dynamics of geographically distributed work teams, particularly those spanning national boundaries. She explores issues of culture, language, shared identity, conflict, and the role of face-to-face meetings in promoting knowledge sharing and collaboration. Pamela also conducts research on professional service robots in the work environment, examining how people make sense of them and how they affect work practices.

She serves on the editorial board of Organization Science and is co-editor with Sara Kiesler of the book Distributed Work (MIT Press). Her research has appeared in journals such as Organization Science, Research in Organizational Behavior, Human-Computer Interaction, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes. Hinds hold a Ph.D. in Organizational Science and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.


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