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2019-01-30 Professor Zare discusses the advantages of having many different funding sources in this opinion piece for CCell.
2018-04-25 Professor Zare discusses autonomy and accountability in institutions of higher education in this opinion piece for Current Science.
2017-05-10 Professor Zare disusses the obsession with being number one in this opinion piece for Current Science. A Chinese language version can be found here.
2016-05-18 Professor Zare opines further on Scientific Authorship in this German language piece published in Bunsen Magazine. The English translation can be found here.
2015-04-01 Yonghe Zheng and Richard N. Zare, "Developing Fundamental Research that Meets the Needs of the Country but at the Same Time Motivates Curiosity-Driven Investigations," China Social Science Net, December 28, 2014 (in Chinese).
2014-05-16 Professor Zare on Scientific Authorship. Professor Zare discusses scientific authorship and how to give credit where credit is due in this guest editorial for Current Science. Chinese version published in China Science Daily
2014-05-07 Professor Zare on Science Funding in China. Professor Zare and Ernst-Ludwig Winnacker discuss the role of the Nation Science Foundation of China and its contributions and impact over the last 25 years.
2014-03-15 Professor Zare on Science and Techonology Centers. Professor Zare contributes as the Chairman of the Panel on Science and Techonology Centers in this publication put out by the National Academy of Sciences
2013-06-19 "Wired" Science or Whither the Printed Page? Professor Zare and Shmuel Winograd discuss the issues the scientific community faces when publishing their journals and papers electronically.

Assessing Academic Researchers, Angewandte Chemie Editorial 2012

2011-11-21 Fatty Bundles Sneak siRNA Into Cells, Chemical and Engineering News 2011
2011-09-04 Why Help a Growing Scientific Giant?, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2011, 50, 8202 – 8203
2011-09-04 ACS Meeting Denver - Discusses his editorial on why the West should help China develop its science
text 2009‑11‑09 Letter on Title IX, Perspective in Chemical and Engineering News
PPT 2008‑11‑14 "Rising Above the Gathering Storm (RAGS) Redux: From RAGS to ???" plenary lecture presented at SERMACS on 11-14-2008.
Photo of introduction by U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon here.
News article in Stories in the News.
text 2006-05-15 Sex, Lies, and Title IX, Perspective in Chemical and Engineering News
text2006-04-30 Letter to New York Times: Scientists Speak Out about Guantanamo
text2005-01-31 Test Takers Or Scientists?, guest editorial for Chemical and Engineering News, Volume 83, Number 5 p. 3
Test Takers Or Scientists? (Korean version), editorial in Chosun Ilbo (March 4, 2006)
text2001-08-07 Remarks made before the 14th Canadian Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry, Ottawa, Canada
text2000-03-27 The American Chemical Industry - A Perspective from an Academic, delivered talk at the 219th ACS National Meeting, San Francisco
text2000-01-01 A Highly Unoriginal Idea, Analytical Chemistry
text1999-12-06 Millennial Musings, Chemical & Engineering News
text1999-01-29 Interdisciplinary Research: From Belief to Reality, Science Magazine
text 1998-07-20 Reshaping Affirmative Action, Chemical & Engineering News
text 1998-06-15 What Galileo And Newton Started, A Chemical & Engineering News Opinion Piece in which Professor Zare reviews The Ascent of Science by Brian Silver
text 1998-05-07 Professor Zare's report reflecting on the progress that the National Science Board made during his tenure as chairman.
1996-08-05 Rethinking the 'Other' Sciences, A Chemical & Engineering News Opinion Piece in which Professor Zare discusses the importance of research areas lying outside the physical sciences.