Stanford ACS members pose with Justice Stephen Breyer during his visit to Stanford Law School, November 2011.


Spring Quarter 2012-2013

May 9
Civil Rights Lawyering: A Conversation with Alan Schlosser, Legal Director of the ACLU of Northern California

April 17
Marriage Equality After Perry and Windsor

April 14
Judge Ellison Shares: "What I Wish I Had Known As a First Year Lawyer"

Winter Quarter 2012-2013

March 7
Elections, Politics, and the Law: A Discussion with Bob Bauer

March 1-2
The First American Constitution Society Student Convention

February 20
Power to the People: A Discussion on Popular Constitutionalism with Professor Larry Kramer

February 1
A Conversation with the Finalist Judges of the Kirkwod Moot Court Competition: Judge Motz, Judge Griffith, and Judge Hamilton.

January 14
Getting to the Bench: Ninth Circuit Judges Nguyen & Watford

Autumn Quarter 2012-2013

October 16
Debriefing the Oral Argument in Fisher v. University of Texas: The Future of Affirmative Action in Higher Education

October 16
Hot Coffee: The Movie (A Screening with the Film's Director)

October 10
A Panel Discussion on The Repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

October 8
The ACS Membership Launch

October 1
The Voting Wars: From Florida 2000 to the Next Election Meltdown

September 21
A Kickoff BBQ

Winter Quarter 2011-2012

November 29
Rights Gone Wrong: How Law Corrupts the Struggle for Equality, A Book Talk with Richard Thompson Ford

November 16
A Conversation with Lee Gelernt: The Case of Al-Kidd and the Post-9/11 World of Civil Rights Litigation

November 10
Beth Stephens: The Past and Future of Alien Tort Claims Litigation

October 29
Shaking the Foundations Panel: Fraud and Accountability in the Wake of the Financial Crisis

October 25
Lawrence Lessig: Republic, Lost: A Declaration for Independence

October 11
Ian Graham: Unbillable Hours

October 10
A Conversation with Justice Goodwin Liu

October 7
Stanford ACS TGIF

October 6
Shane Kadidal: Closing Quantanamo: Where Has the Debate Gone?

October 4
Welcome Reception

A nationwide list of ACS events, including those hosted by the Bay Area Lawyers Chapter, is available here. In addition to public events, Stanford ACS hosts members-only events with professors, judges, practitioners, and others. Click here to learn how to join Stanford ACS.