Members of the 2011-2012 Stanford ACS board.

About Stanford ACS

Stanford ACS is a diverse group of liberals, progressives, moderates, and civil libertarians, who regard our constitution as a document designed to take our country forward, not to hold us back.

We are committed to the proposition that our Constitution - the most superbly enduring political mechanism the modern world has ever seen - secures equal opportunity for all while empowering Americans to perfect our union through democratic processes because the compromises on which it was built have left room for its adaptation to all of the various crises of human affairs.

Stanford ACS was the winner of three awards in 2010-2011: ACS Student Chapter of the Year, the Networking Building Award for Largest Membership, and the Special Recognition of Programming Award.

Executive Board

Co-Presidents: Will Havemann and Jake Klonoski

Co-Vice Presidents: Neha Gupta and Matt Platkin

Policy Chairs: Lila Miller and Josh Malone

Judicial Chair: Matthew Forbes

Advocacy Chair: Sam Eisenberg

External Relations Chair: David Lazarus

Development Chair: Neil Sawhney

Communications Chair: Alex Tucker