ACSSS 2013 Board Members (Ranking By Lastname Alphabetically)



James Li   李健

James Li (李健) is a Ph. D. candidate in biochemistry department, school of medicine. He joined ACSSS at the beginning of his study at Stanford and had worked as a member of PR and subsequently VP of career development. In his term as VP in Career Development, James helped host multiple events that further broadened the industry connections of ACSSS, encouraged and facilitated communications between Stanford and industry, and established professional networks for many Stanford students.

In addition to his role in ACSSS, James has diverse academic and professional interests, and has been involved in various academic and social organizations that involve in biomedical research, public policy, finance and entrepreneurship. Prior to his study at Stanford, James was an undergraduate student at Yale University (YC ‘12) where he obtained his B.S. in Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry.


Yanwen Wu 吴艳文

Yanwen completed her M.S. degree in Environmental Engineering in 2013, and continues her graduate studies in the Engineer program. Her research focuses on activated carbon amendment for in-situ sequestration of hydrophobic organic contaminants in sediments. Prior to Stanford, Yanwen completed her B.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry at University of California, Irvine as a member of Tau Beta Pi and Omega Chi Epsilon. Besides academic work, Yanwen enjoys hiking, fishing, reading, and cooking. It is Yanwen’s third year in ACSSS. She served as a board member of the Career Development Department and the Public Relations Department from 2012-2013, and the Vice President of the Student Life Department from 2013-2014. As the Co-President, Yanwen will try her very best to serve the Stanford Chinese community, so please don’t be hesitated to contact Yanwen if you need any helps at Stanford.

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