Co-Presidents (Xiaocheng Li 李晓澄, Hongyu Xiong 熊泓宇)

Hongyu Xiong 熊泓宇

As a 2nd-year PhD student in Department of Applied Physics, Hongyu (Richard) Xiong works in ZX Shen’s group, with a focus on spin-resolved photo-emission spectroscopy. Hongyu joined ACSSS in 2014 and later served as the VP of Academic Advising in 2015~2016 ACSSS Board. During his term as VP of Academic Advising, he organized numerous guest lectures, panel discussions and faculty luncheons to help Chinese students build up their professional network and plan their study. Now as the new co-president of ACSSS, in addition to better unite and serve Stanford Chinese students, he is dedicated to expand ACSSS’s influence to the whole university and build connections with other student organizations.

Prior to Stanford, Hongyu graduated from Rice University (2012-2014) and Peking University (2010-2012) with a BS degree in Physics and a minor in Maths. During his undergraduate years, Hongyu actively participated in scientific social activities and showed competent leadership. In 2012, he led his team in Peking University to participate in the international Genetic Engineering Machine (iGEM) competition and finally won the 1st runner-up in Asia Regional contest and Gold Medal in World Championship. Hongyu is also a great skier and fencer, and extremely enthralled in travelling and outdoor activities. Now he is quite interested in pursuing a career involving scientific entrepreneurship, and hopes to help students with similar interests.

Xiaocheng Li 李晓澄

Xiaocheng is a PhD student in Management Science and Engineering, with a broad research interest in operations research, machine learning and statistics. Before coming to Stanford, he graduated from School of Mathematical Sciences in Peking University. Xiaocheng served as VP for Career Development in 2015-2016, dedicating to helping connect students to the different industries in the bay area and helping them achieve their career goals. He loves watching and doing sports during his spare time, and especially enjoys outdoor activities like hiking and backpacking. He also enjoys making new friends and hanging out with them.