Department of Career Development

Department of Career Development (Junzi Zhang,张峻梓)

Objectives: Department of Career Development aims to establish broad connections between Stanford Chinese students and related industries. We organize career related events, including but not limited to job fairs, talks, seminars, workshops and conferences. Our goal is to provide students with up-to- date information and opportunities, and benefit them with their career development.

Junzi Zhang is a Ph.D. student in Institute for Computational & Mathematical Engineering , whose research is currently supported by Stanford Graduate Fellowship. He embraces a broad research interest in optimization, machine learning, operations research and their application to energy science. Before coming to Stanford, he graduated from School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University. As VP for Career Development, he is dedicated to helping connect students to the different industries in the bay area and helping them achieve their career goals. During his spare time, he loves music composition and sports, especially badminton and tennis. He also plays accordion, trombone and piano.