Department of Postdoctoral Scholars

Department of Postdoctoral Scholars Luqia Hou 侯淥恰,Han Zhang 张晗)

ObjectivesOur department aims at organizing customized social/academic/professional events for postdoctoral scholars at Stanford University. We provide a platform for postdoctoral scholars to get better involved in American society, to expand their academic network, and to meet their entrepreneurial partners and win promising job opportunities. We collaborate with other departments in ACSSS and make sure our events benefit the entire Chinese community at Stanford.


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Luqia Hou

Luqia Hou 侯淥恰

Luqia obtained his Ph.D in Physiology from University of Michigan. Currently he is a 3rd year Postdoc in Cardiovascular Institute, School of Medicine. His research focus is on stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. He has many years of experience working in student organizations, and has served as members/volunteers in a number of biopharmaceutical and non-profit organizations. In his spare time, Luqia enjoys traveling, weight-lifting, and playing basketball.

Han Zhang

Han Zhang 张晗

Han received her B.S. from Fudan University and Ph.D from University of Georgia. She is currently a postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Biology. Han is very passionate about  serving the Chinese postdoc community at Stanford and is especially dedicated to helping her fellow colleagues with their career development and enriching their social life .