Department of Postdoctoral Scholars

Department of Postdoctoral Scholars (Jiamin Chen 陈嘉民, Zhirui Zeng 曾芝瑞)

ObjectivesThe department of postdoctoral scholars of ACSSS aims at organizing customized social/academic/professional events for postdoctoral scholars of Stanford University. We provide a platform for postdoctoral scholars where they can better assimilate into the American society, expand their academic network, meet their entrepreneurial partners and win promising job opportunities. We collaborate with other departments in ACSSS and make sure our events benefit the entire Chinese community in Stanford as well.

Jiamin Chen 陈嘉民

Jiamin is a 2nd year postdoctoral scholar in the department of Oncology, Stanford University Medical School. His research involves using novel technologies to delineate the metastatic and drug response pathways in cancer. Jiamin received his PhD in Pathology from Queen’s University and BSc in Biological Sciences from University of Alberta in Canada. While enjoying the beautiful California sunshine and tennis, Jiamin is interested in helping Chinese students and scholars in the Stanford to reach their full potentials

Zhirui Zeng 曾芝瑞

Zhirui is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Earth System Science at Stanford University. His current research is to understand the biosynthesis pathway of archaeal lipid biomarkers—proxies for life and environment throughout geological time. He obtained his PhD degree of Geology at Texas A&M University, and works at Stanford since 2015. As a co-chair of Department of Postdoc, Zhirui is passionate about organizing activities benefit postdocs career development and social network. In his spare time, Zhirui is interested in field trip and minerals collection, and likes to play soccer and fishing with friends.